Soundspot Union £5.99

I’m sure I’ve posted this before, but Soundspot have extended their sale:

I love synths, but I am naturally stupid when trying to use them. This is one of the few synths that not only has very usable sounds, but easily tweakable ones too. Brilliantly cheap and uses almost no CPU on my Mac.

Thanks for the heads-up! I saw this on sale on PluginBoutique a few months ago and considered getting it, but I didn’t. It says 8GB install, and while that’s not necessarily a deal-breaker I have so many things already I try to avoid installing heavy sample databases etc. I assume that’s what this is? Did you create a separate folder/directory for the audio samples for the synth, or did it all go in a Program Files folder?

It does say 8Gb for the install, but the installer is about 250MB, and as far as I can see, there’s no downloading of samples or data during the install. So total, my install comes to just under 400MB. Strange. I have downloaded a number of the presets that were £1 on a special deal.

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Ah, good news thanks! It looks like this is on sale at PluginBoutique until 5/18, but I don’t see an offer for extra presets. It just says this in the list of Features: “Over 300 professionally designed presets.”

Sign up for their newsletter - they will run a 10 for 10 or a 5 for 5 sale no doubt.

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