Sorry ,mix

Just a mix off of the Cambridge site

Typing as I listen. Is the guitar a stereo track or did you make that doubled effect? It sounds nice.
What is the effect on the vocals at 42 seconds and 45? Again, is that an on purpose thing. Not sure I like that one as much. Sounded glitchy but not in a musical way. If it was a bit more rhythmic or obviously deliberate maybe.

The swell is intense. I was waiting for it to go boom but the pull back was great. Really well done. The vocals jump in volume perhaps a touch on the “sorry” line. They seem to settle again into the song but those few words seem to be a bit too loud from where it came from.

The blending and shifting of synths and sound effects is great. Once everything kicks in, it all sits really well. I like how the guitars are still leading the way. Some may disagree but I like that they are out front a bit more.

Great mixing of the harmonies around the 2:35 mark. Tight!
The song just flows after that part and everything sits really well. I found myself just sitting back and listening to the song. I know it’s not your song but I’d end it at 3:47 as I’m not sure what is added by that final section.

Really nicely done. Outside of a couple of things, it is a really good mix. Not knowing what you were dealing with to begin with, it sounds good to me.

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Cheers for the great feedback.The acoustic was a mono track that i copied and panned one each side wit a 30 ms delay on one side .The vox you mention is just a bit of dodgy automation lol. Glad you mostly liked the mix .Thanks very much

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Soulful, bright acoustic work. The piano riff is unexpected but totally works. How did you get that wood block sound? The entire mix is minimalist I think. I would like to hear more bass but maybe that’s what you were going for. Awesome, thanks for sharing.


Hi cheers I’m glad you like it. Its just a rim shot

Oh okay, I guess that what a real snare can do, sounds great.

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