Sonivox Film Score Companion

I’m not in any position to lay down thousands on the Spitfire range of orchestral plugins, but I do have a spare $29 to get myself the Sonivox Film Score Companion. I’m aware that this is not a Hans Zimmer quality plugin, but I wonder if anyone here has any experience of this plugin?

they are ok’ish. Sounds are a bit on the abrasive side and lack depth at times… but as with any film score pack, there is a lot of tweaking involved in terms of creating the right envelop for the right sounds for the situation. Definitely worth the 29 bucks.

I’ve actually wanted to throw some orchestral stuff under my electric guitar. I think the chances of me being the next James Newton Howard are now well below zero, but I’m not averse to trying new things! I think I’m going to go for it! thanks for the reply!

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I have several Sonivox plugs but can’t get them to work for some reason, despite countless tries on two different computers with different verslons of Windows and different sound cards …, with and without their helpdesk. I’ve given up.
Let us know if it works!