Song start ..phase six..enter two dudes in collaboration

And that cigarette you’re smokin’ 'bout scare me half to death
Open up the window, sucker, let me catch my breath
" I tried weed once, but I didn’t inhale" haha I never wanted to wreck my lungs, or I would have dove into I guess. Mostly been a beer drinker. Lately one beer gives me Tacka cardia. Big bummer. I showed my cardiologist a monthly chart of the episodes. He just laughed and said try wine and bring me that chart. ha ha

However you want to do it, I’ll help if I can. If you need me to sing or play, no problem. I think it’s two bridges that would happen after choruses, but you know your song. I’d love to be the background voices to your snarly lead vocal, that’s what I originally heard, but what you want is all that’s important. I’m happy when you are.

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Sounds like Bill Clinton. :smirk: We used to say it would “expand your lungs” … that’s probably bullshit, but it made us feel good. I smoked that shit for a long time and enjoyed it. Not done it for awhile, but I don’t think it’s that bad. The plant probably has healing properties, but then corporations get involved and it likely goes to shit. There are a lot of things worse, including alcohol (not that I don’t like that :wink:).

Alcohol gets harder to take as you get older, no doubt. Beer can cause gout (due to purines/uric acid) so it’s the first to go. Wine and liquor are less implicated in that, so may be good choices. I like red wine and sake (Japanese). Liquor isn’t as problematic in that scenario, but is “quicker” as Ozzy says. These are minimal compared to “hard drugs”, but have their effects just the same over time. However, “tea totallers” don’t seem to live longer lives. So have fun, or no? I say have fun. :joy:

Wow I did not think of having those after each chorus. Yeah. I sung three chorus lines. The first was sung higher and the last two lower. Not sure where to go there.
I took your track and chopped off the end and copied it under my first lyric line. I added drums and your sound was so much better. I tried to upload it and it wouldn’t let me. Kept loading. Bgv’s would be awesome. These are the memories I will have when this site is no more. I might pester Stan for a better lead break. And/or shorten that area a bunch. Lots of options. later man

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As Led Zeppelin said: “Swan Song”, :joy:

Like I said, I’ll give it a try. You are certainly on to something. I understand committing to an idea, and that it’s not easy, but the more the commitment the more the collaboration, in a sense.

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[quote=“Stan_Halen, post:65, topic:6202”]
Like I said, I’ll give it a try. You are certainly on to something. I understand committing to an idea, and that it’s not easy, but the more the commitment the more the collaboration, in a sense.
Go back to your early childhood Stan. it wasn’t ever fun to play alone??? My lead break stuff is lake practice scales. ha ha the truth will set you “free bird”

I quite enjoyed playing alone, as an only child. It’s the essence of all creativity, IMO. YMMV. In terms of “Free Bird”, I look to these guys, who seem to have mastered it:

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Happy to help, take some time and piece it together.

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Paul, I know you’re not finished with the track, but I decided to take a stab at a lead solo. It steps on your radio voice segment a bit, I didn’t have much choice. This was just for fun, I played around with it and this is what I came up with. I could be way off. After a number of takes this one seemed to resonate. I think the solo starts about 2:04, let me know what you think.

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Wow that was awesome. I am presently wearing a ten inch grin. There is no way, in playing guitar for 63 years, I could ever pull that off. I can’t wait to hear it clearly in the mix.
First off, I deleted that radio mix early yesterday, it was only temp filler anyway.
secondly i wanted to get rid of that intermission break that i played…lame
I needed a bridge to step away a bit and Bob sent me one. It is a two part with great playing and lyrics. I tried putting it first thing in the track, but Bob listened last night and thought i should tell a bit of the story first.
I will have to get your individual track so I can plant it in the mix. It will basically (I think) go where mine was.
I might take a pic and show how I have this song is chopped right now. I am getting good at highlighting groupings and sliding them around.
This is a good challenge for my aging brain. I have more to say but carpal has me typing with pinkies only. There is so much talent on this site…thanks STM
This will be changed big time, but i think I will just post yesterday’s attempt.

Ooo that thrill

Spare me (G7#9, F# 7#9) (Hendrix chord)
Your righteous indignation
Spare me
Don’t need your sympathy
Spare me (G, A7 B7)
I know the things I’m messin with…no doctor’s gonna prescribe for me

I have tried everything …down my throat and up my nose to get high… Em

I Begged and stol’d and some I rolled …there was no way I’d be denied Am Em

consumed with desperation… this is how I’m gonna die B7 Em

Ooo that thrill from a tiny pill… to ease this crumbling life of mine A E
Ooo that thrill this needle brings I can’t stop I’m runnin out of time… A B7

I know…I’ve got a little problem
I know…I really need to quit
I know…That trying to break this habit… is somethin very different from just kickin it

Nothing good will ever come …from friending a despicable demon Em
A huge mistake to trust him when he told me just how good I’d be feelin A Em

There ain’t no way of turning back…I’m pointin to myself the only reason B7 Em

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The arrangement is getting a lot better. I think one more half bridge after the last chorus and Stan’s lead would make a great ending. You should take my main voice out and sing the part just like you are during the bridge. If the BPM stays at 90, I can send you the background vocals as individual tracks to cut and paste where you need them. It’s getting good.

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Yeah, I just switched it back with your track after each chorus with the ooo part. I am hoping Stans lead part will sit in where I played the lame part. I think it is about 20 some seconds but can be varied up or down. I have been trying to re-sing the vox but I have a cold and sore throat. ha ha The fun continues

Ha, thanks! I try to be musically coherent, but it’s the noodling and hot-dogging that I have fun with. I liked the radio voice part, and I did mix the solo just barely loud enough to hear the solo and also the radio voice as well.

Here is the isolated solo track posted below. It is the same length as your track so you should be able to just drop it in place. Of course, you can slide it around if needed. The sound starts around 2:04, it’s silent prior to that. Listening to it isolated, there’s some noisiness and choppiness of my playing; as I said I was just giving it a shot to see what I could come up with. If you need that cleaned up, or need more gain I can try to do that. I don’t think you can hear those things with it mixed in though, at least the level I had it at.

I enjoy playing intuitively and spontaneously, and if I did 100 takes they would all be different, and some would be better than others. I can be more organized and construct solos if I put my mind to it though. If this solo doesn’t work that well when you dig into it, I can record some more takes when you have your song structure more finalized.

When I heard your song ideas, especially with the addiction theme, I thought my somewhat wild soloing would be a nice counterpoint to your melodic soloing breaks, and also fit with the addiction theme of the lyrics - kind of ‘off the rails on a crazy train’ as it were. :crazy_face:

[quote=“Stan_Halen, post:73, topic:6202”]
I liked the radio voice part, and I did mix the solo just barely loud enough to hear the solo and also the radio voice as well.
Hey bud. I didn’t think the radio part was very good, so has been deleted to make room for bridges and guitar lead work. If there is anybody to confuse a situation that would be me. ha ha

Man I hope this is going to jive. I wanted my lead part completely erased (and I did that) so this could be interesting. I won’t know until I put it into the session. I don’t care about the clicks, etc this track is anything but pure.

I was very anxious to hear this without the other noise going on. I will post now where I thought it should go. ha ha I say something like “play the lead here” It’s all good my friend. I think it is at 1:15 ish

So I put it in there and let my original play. Yours 50% on one side and mine 50
on the other? I don’t know how to mix very well. The levels backing it are too high, but they seem to shake hands as I hear it. This is just the first stab at it. I had to cut I think 5 seconds off it for the next verse to start ( i did save that tail end.

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Use what you can, where it fits. I think it fits pretty good, though if I were playing it over I’d play a bit differently to mesh with your parts better in that section. Hopefully my notes are fitting into your scheme, though I didn’t analyze the chord structure and such, just played. It’s something I can work with more, if you want.

When you have Bob’s parts in there, it sounds like there’s some dissonance happening when the riff starts each time (i.e. 2:16, 2:21), though that might be on purpose. It’s different, but does have a cool effect. And it’s definitely fun having a 3-way collab going on. And having Bob’s vocals in those places does change the song up a bit. It’s that Three Dog Night vibe as mentioned earlier. You’re over 3 minutes now, so the song structure is getting pretty cohesive IMO.

Yes I first had to slide your track way down to the place where it was needed. I let it run for a bit and then said “you don’t suppose?” So I cranked up my original that I had muted and it fit pretty darn good. It was Em A and B7 I think. I have to back of some of the other supporting tracks to let it shine through more now. I wish now i hadn’t put so much effects on mine. It was a preset. Having two that are souped up makes it a little tougher to tame. It is not often you can get three personalities to click in the same envelope? haha

[quote=“Stan_Halen, post:76, topic:6202”]
When you have Bob’s parts in there, it sounds like there’s some dissonance happening when the riff starts each time (i.e. 2:16, 2:21), though that might be on purpose
Yes I know there are many problems with the copy and paste going on everywhere. There should be a smooth transition there and I will try to make that happen. This is going to be a process. I will get Bobs lone vocal and maybe a track or two to spif this up a bit.
When it is all over and done with it will be very cool and a privilege to have been partners in a song. Not even caring where it goes. Just enjoying the moment

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I listened to the two most recent mixes. I can’t help but wonder how it would sound if some or all of the guitars were panned slightly toward the center. I’m wearing headphones. It’s a cool song.

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Yeah aaron, the song is a mess. I really don’t know how to mix. I always put the two dominant guitars hard left and right. Why I don’t have a clue :slight_smile: Seems to me the 25% or so going to the other side would clutter the other track. I need to do some reading on mixing.
I had to step away for a few days on the track to get a new perspective. Great to do a colab tho. Best to you and thanks