Song Multi-track Breakdowns

These are pretty cool - you get to hear the solo’d stems:


‘Christian Hand’

okay lol. Is that a real name?

My Gematria is a little rusty

oh wait, ‘Christian James Hand’ interesting

nice episode. Nothing TOO deep in the analysis but still cool

Its hard to hear how much of a genius Tom S is when you read about how he deals with people

This is Barry Goudreau and Brad Delp and Sib Hasian making music when they got tired of sitting around waiting for Tom

So much for Tom being the genius behind the Boston sound lol

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More Than A Feeling is an awesome song. A classic among classics. The song is dripping with emotion. The guitars are beautiful, including the solos and every note in that whole song!

I really enjoyed the bass line here. Didn’t realize how nice it was before.

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isolated tracks are one of the best resources out there today. Lots to learn

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Yeah, that was quite ear-opening

Yes, they are so many lessons about production, arrangement, timing, tuning, complexity, economy - what you can and can’t get away with etc etc.

I just listened to the “Killer Queen” episode - excellent stuff!

yeah, hard for me to talk about what ive learned since my music has been destroyed on here lately

that being said, its interesting how some of the most complex songs have the most boring drum beats. Thats a hard one for me to ever understand because I lay the drums down first and its sooooo hard to lay some boring thing down

I do realize there are certain “formulas” that bands follow and that songs follow. You can catch one of the basic ideas in these podcasts. SOMEONE has to play a boring part lol. So “boring drums…active bass” would be one mini formula.

same goes in the bigger picture for bands:

Strict drummer on the beat plus rhythm guitar player never on the beat = Rolling Stones. Gives a certain feel.

Loose groovy drummer with “tight but loose” rhythm gtr player = Led Zep. Huge grooves but could tend to sloppiness live

Super active and techie drummer with understated guitarist = Rush

it goes further of course if one wants to spend the time to think about it. Some bands had huge vocal sections with lots of layers (Beach Boys, Queen) whereas some just had one or two voices (Bad Company etc)

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