Song/Lyric Challenge 2

For challenge number 2, I would like for you to write a song (or at least lyrics) about your pet… dog, cat, fish, pet rock, doesn’t matter! Past or present. At least 1 verse, 1 chorus. Here are a couple of examples:

Have fun!!


Hi there. Did I ever tell you I had a pet camel. Yup, I have to check my childhood “daily diary” and get the specifics for lyrics fodder for the new track. Gotta couple new songs on the sidelines trying to distract me though. Have my camel song in a few days hinging if my limping furnace parts come in. Great idea sir holster

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Omg i LOVE that dead puppies song… it is irresistible

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Until I can work up a new one. Esmerelda my pet donkey.

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I challenge you to write the sequel!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I accept that challenge HOWEVER I wrote one today about my pet parrot. Just have to get into the studio. Major furnace problems going on presently. Nope I wont hire a profesional. ha ha

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Ok, I cheated and used a song I had done awhile back. Here is a new song as of tonight. Four tracks one half hour. Two acoustic, one bass, one vocal.

Updated with percussion, vox harmony and more comments from Clyde

F-bomb clyde Capo 3 to F prog

Brock…this place sucks where’s my perch?’re ugly

I bought me a parrot and named him Clyde D G A
from a guy up the street… cuz I heard he died
His wife told me you’re gonna love this bird…but she didn’t say nothin but THE downside

He says the dreaded F word… two hundred times a day D
He offends everybody then drives them away. D G
He has no remorse he’s yur typical sinner If he don’t shut up…he’s gonna be my dinner

A lady stopped by to take my bird away D G A
wonderin what kinda crazy things this bird would say
Clyde is a bad bird…worst you ever saw…
Sayin nasty things…. flips me off with his claw

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