"Song 2" cover... sorry I didn't cover Song 1 before

Sorry for this title, I’m trying to make it longer but didn’t find something very catchy.
So, I tried to cover this Blur’ song with someone who needed to sing and here is what happened:

Any feedbacks and comments are welcome of course!
Thanks for stopping by.

After another listen, I found there is too much kick and not enough snare.
So, here is a first revision

I’m listening on a measly iPad but I can feel the power when the heavy guitars and full instrumentation kicks in, so that’s a really good thing. I like the whoo hoo’s , that vocal part has more rasp, balls and power than the original. This is a pretty good cover version.
I’ll listen to it again on my headphones, through my laptop. I’ll be able to hear the details better that way.

Small nitpick, first impression would be that the tempo is a bit slow for my liking. But , my first impression is not my final impression…I’ll give this a listen again later and tell you what I hear.

Sounds pretty cool on this iPad though!

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I just listened to this with headphones, through my laptop. Sounds good! The drums and the music have good power. I can really notice an accent in the singer’s voice. It’s not British like the original singer of this song, but I can’t tell what the accent is.

My band used to play this song in the bars and clubs here in Canada. I was thinking of eventually recording some of the cover songs that we used to play. I may do a cover of this one too.

You did a really good job. Well done !

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Thanks for your feedback, the mix isn’t tested on iPad before you did so your comment is really valuable to me.

The tempo varies during the song and the it starts at 129 which is pretty close to the original tempo.
I could speed it up a bit for the purpose of testing, tell me if it works better that way.

This one starts at 131 bpm.

I tried to keep that feeling during the production and mixing, I have tendencies to fix things too much, so I may stop at the right time for this project.

French I would say, because the singer is :slight_smile:

I really like this song a lot: simple, short, powerful, just play it and enjoy.

Again, thank you for listening and commenting, I do appreciate!

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I listened to both the 129 bpm and 131 bpm versions. To tell you the truth, I like them both. I don’t “feel” a very notable difference between the two. I’ll listen to them both again later when I have no distractions, so that I can get a better comparison between the two versions.

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