SONAR relaunches as ‘Cakewalk by BandLab’: Iconic DAW now FREE to download for everyone

SONAR relaunches as ‘Cakewalk by BandLab’: Iconic DAW now FREE to download for everyone


Well, Focusrite Scarlett Solo is only $100 hehe . . . :wink:


I did actually think that this BandLab Link Analog was interesting for $60. They have more elaborate things in the works, but a single channel Mic Preamp for $60 seems pretty awesome! Perhaps is IS a revolution. :sunglasses:


Well that’s pretty interesting, it pretty much has to be worth the money I guess. They don’t say much about the preamp, it’s battery powered and it has mini-jacks for speakers and headphone, no phantom power or line in, direct monitoring? No big deal I guess. It’s really meant for using with a phone. I think i’d step up a bit if it were me, but like you say “perhaps it is a revolution.”


You’re right, it does look to perhaps be limited to mobile use. I’m confused though, it doesn’t explicitly say “no phantom power”, and the internal rechargeable battery is 350 mAh which could be plenty to run phantom power. Though it says “Built-in rechargeable battery for added noise reduction”. (?) I have some AKG C1000S mics that run phantom on a 9V battery, which are less than 350 mAh. Why would they need added noise reduction if it were for dynamic mics only?

It may be for pretty much guitar only though, based on the statement: “Plug your guitar into the BandLab app using the Link Analog and access all of this and more for free.” In that case, I guess it would need noise reduction due to the high impedance of the guitar input?


Installed Cakewalk this morning and futzed with it most of the day. I’m liking the TH3 guitar amp sim plugin. There’s a heck of a lot here to explore!


Been using sonar for the last three years now, and I’ve been very happy with it, when the announcement came that Cakewalk was basically out of business I was pretty bummed out because it looked like at some pint I was going to have to move to another DAW even though I was pretty happy with this one.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure I can keep this environment running stable for a few more years but it’s good to know I won’t have to relearn everything once it’s finely time to retire it.

With the Give What You Want system, you can decide what you think Cakewalk by BandLab is worth to you. In addition, we may include some fun gifts for those users who pay a certain amount.

I get the feeling bandlab didn’t have to pay much for the IP, but now it looks like it’s longevity is tied directly into bandlab’s value as a social network…That’s not very reassuring.


Thread bump. I had kind of forgotten about Cakewalk since I couldn’t get this problem resolved:

I have Cakewalk installed on Windows 7/64 and everything works fine except the Play cursor only moves about .5 seconds when I hit Play. The DAW keeps playing the audio just fine, but the Play cursor doesn’t move after that so it’s really frustrating. I don’t see any reports on the web about this at all, so I’m kind of stuck. I realized I can do some things without the cursor, except many editing chores.

I decided to update Cakewalk after launching it and getting a bug from Bandlab Assistant to renew my (free) license. I had uninstalled Bandlab Assistant because it did some annoying things, so I had to reinstall it. There was a DAW update available so I went for it. I think I had been on (whatever first came out when this thread was started) version 2018.4, and after the update it shows version 2018.11 (Build 31, 64 bit). I was hoping that would solve my cursor issue as surely somebody else has had it and complained. Nope, same issue still. :unamused: Any ideas as to what could be causing it? Nobody else on the thread or on their forums seems to have the issue.

OH, an extra point to make now that I have revisited it is that both before and after the update the Play cursor works fine if I switch to my Windows sound card rather than an ASIO interface. I updated my two Digidesign (Avid) interface drivers because of this issue but it didn’t solve anything.