Something a little ,well have a listen

My mix is a track of Mike Senior of the Cambridge forum, producer ,singer etc of the track .

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That’s a lot of shit going on, I’m not sure I like it. The song, not the mix, I think you did a great job balancing it considering all the vocals you had to work with. I’d toughen up the de-esser if you’re using one, or if you’re not try to cut back on the treble and the mids on the backing vocals to make them as non-offensive as possible since there are so damn many of them.

Mike Senior, the guy who wrote that book about Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio or whatever? I’m not sure what the Cambridge forum is anyway.

This becomes hard for me to listen to after a while. I’m not sure exactly what choices you had, given the tracks that you had to work with… but the song is sort of harsh. The vocals are a bit harsh, and they are also loud, and layered. I wish the whole thing was quite a bit warmer, and had more body to it. I agree about needing more de-essing on the vocals.

I probably have more issues with the arrangement than the mix, but I don’t know what the tracks sound like on their own so I’m not sure.

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Wow that’s a challenge, I wouldn’t know what to do with this so I think you’re doing OK? The song is crazy weird, I kind of like that, but it does need . . . something. Maybe it’s time to get wild with the verb, delay and wide panning?

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Done some revisions .

Yep, he is that guy!
And here the link (tons of songs and even more tracks)

I think CPF spots most things (on the first mix).
What I could add is I found the mix very static, not such movement, the stereo field is not that wide (except few tracks) and I wish to get something with more hooks, weird sound effects or so.
Since there are some electro tracks I could be to add some filter effects to enhance section transitions.

Your revised mix is better to me, regarding the balance.

Nice job to me!!