Some interesting facts about PRS guitars

I used to have a couple of these. I wish I’d never sold them!

There’s some stuff in here I didn’t know about the tailpiece and headstocks vs the fenders and gibbons.

Also…comment at the very end…PRS makes 1000 guitars pr month. Fender makes 1000 guitars in 2 days. Gibson makes 1000 guitars in a week. Who cares? I know. It doesn’t say anything, but regardless, I thought it was interesting trivia!

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Love mine, I have the exact one (boring color) at 4:11 in the video. I find, when recording, I grab that one much more as of late to the Gibson ES 335.



Meh…Id rather play a boring colored guitar than a stunning looking wall decoration like one of these:

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I’m shocked at how good the SE 24 is. Just a little setup help, and it is a great guitar. It stays in tune all over the neck, and you never get the feeling you are playing an inexpensive guitar.

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Having been dealing with PRS the last few years, I gotta say, they bring their A game to everything they do. It has really raised the bar on what I expect from every guitar company. They also go out of their way to work with customers if they ever have any issues. I’ve been super impressed.