Some info on UAD plugins you might find interesting

Some info on UAD plugins you might find interesting
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I just now found out that the code from the EQ modules on the API vision strip is NOT the same as the standalone 550. They are two different sounding EQ’s. I thought that was kinda cool. They didn’t just copy paste the EQ code into the channel strip.

Also, I noticed there was a newly overhauled SSL channel strip. I checked with them to see if they had merely enabled the Unison feature, but no, they scrapped it and remodeled some things they didn’t have the technology, CPU processing, or know-how to process on the original version of it.

There’s a rumor floating around the internet that the UAD SPL transient designer is completely re-modeled from the Plugin Alliance version. The guy placed me on hold, spoke with one of the main UAD coding engineer, picked the phone back up, and told me this is was blatantly false. There is NO difference between the two plugs. Then you have this fucking bullshit posed on Gearslutz:

"I have compare UAD SPL TD and native SPL TD
Yes there is a difference
UAD sounds brighter and open high freq. Native sounds like it has an eq roll off
Also native can be clipped if driven too hard. UAD verson can never be clipped no matter how hard its driven"

Anyway, I thought that was neat to know. And I really love the UAD company and appreciate what they do.