Solo guitar cover

Solo guitar cover


I recorded this a few years back in a studio; I didn’t pay attention to the mic signal chain etc. So now I’m hoping to get some feedback on what you think of it

The song is “When Sunny Gets Blue” by Marvin Fisher and Jack Segal


Well… sorry I won’t be of any use to you but I enjoyed listening to this so much I wasn’t even able to pay attention to the sound. Which is very good news obviously. Just soothing and pleasant… I’ll listen to that again soon!


This is really beautiful sounding Ingo. I don’t know what it reminds me of, maybe I had heard the song before. Very jazzy sounding, and I like the tone quite a bit, very mellow and warm.

It sounds like the guitar is all on the left side, with just some delay and reverb on the right side.


@Lophophora, thank you for listening. This recording is certainly not mainstream but maybe there is a niche for it somewhere. After doing it I put it up on the shelf for various reasons so I wanted to see how people felt about it now; thanks for helping with that!


Hi @Stan_Halen , thanks for listening! I remember only one mic at the session, in close and off center. I used to set a small amount of reverb on the amp but there is some stereo delay when I look at the waveform and a small amount of distortion between the two sides so I think you are right. Good ear!


Cool sound bud. Almost sounds like lounge music. I can picture people gabbing, fancy place, etc
Some really good playing and the timing is spot on. Very soothing to me


Great tone, is that a hollow body? Humbuckers?


Hi @WeGotLost , thanks for listening. Yeah, that’s a Gibson ES-175 with humbuckers through a Mesa Mark III with everything rolled down low. Good ear!


That is a sweet guitar.


Thanks @feaker , I used to back a singer, (she) looked and sounded a lot better than me so we got quite a few gigs and I’d throw some of this in now and then. Some of the places we played were pretty nice and some . . . . well they had character at least.


Yeah, funny thing with that. I played quite a few before I bought it and there was one old beat up one that was crazy sweet but I passed it up because this one was new and shiny but not nearly as good. Live and learn!


Been there, done that.


Thank you for the reviews! Now your recording: Audio quality is OK, the basic guitar tone fits the style of playing. The playing is tasteful, and well done. A relaxing song. Some of your playing is really quick and impressive. Nice! :slight_smile:


Thanks to @aaron_aardvark for posting, because I just found this. I’m with pretty much everyone else, very nice playing and smooth sound.


Thank you @aaron_aardvark and @miked for listening and commenting on my recording.


Tone sounds great! Mind if I have this going when I invite the ladies over? haha


Thanks Cstuettgen, you are welcome to use this however you want, although I can’t say I had much luck with it! :wink: