So, Who's going to write an ode to RR?

I think an group effort is in order here, and we need to make an ode to RR.


I actually have a pretty well fleshed out song structure for which I’ve been struggling to find lyrics (the core of the creative block I’ve been facing for over a year), and I would be happy to donate that to the cause. It’s a simple blues-rock number, and would lend itself very well to collaboration I reckon. When I get home I will put it up here for consideration, and my feelings won’t be hurt one little bit if folks would rather go in a different direction. :smile:


Hey that sounds like a contest in the making.

There once was a cool dude called Brandon,
Who would never let go, had his hands on.
Then he found him some power,
At the very last hour,
Now he studies with youthful abandon.


John, that is an epic limerick! Too bad my song doesn’t lend itself to that meter…!

Oh and hey, turns out I have a copy of that tune on a thumb drive I have with me. Here it is. Mind you, this isn’t close to a finished mix but it’s certainly passable enough to hear what’s up.


Just make sure you add sound bytes of Brandon saying offensive stuff in the background. He would have wanted it that way.


I just signed in and not sure if webmaster remembered to ban the WARM word. Would be a good start.

Oh no, we have overtly RESTORED the use of “warm”. Clean break and all that. :slight_smile:

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Ol’ Brandon he started a forum,
Some opinions showed lack of decorum.
The community it was great,
But he had too much on his plate,
Now its hacked and we’re left with (warm) santorum.


This could be a hit as huge as all my other hits that aren’t hits:
I call it: "Stop Pullin My Sidechain"
Fits Chord’s tune for cadence. Send me the check when you can.

So I’m sitting at my console, tryin’ to fatten up some tracks

Got a deadline on a project for a band called One Eyed Jacks

Been Sweating on the Vocals, auto-tuning every word

I should be getting Grammys, not polishing this turd.

I’ve burned through all my plug-ins, trying to navigate this storm,

Going to set my board on fire, just to make this crap sound W_A_R_M

Stop pulling my sidechain.



Got a landlord trying to find me, and my rent’s two months behind

Need to shine this tune up nice, change my state of mind

Gonna make the bottom massive, 'til they grin from ear to ear

Have 'em sign my paycheck, while I tell them what to hear

Move some knobs and faders, like it’s all part of the plan

Gotta make the magic happen, cuz I’m the Mixerman

Stop Pulling My Sidechain


I woke up this morning, a tune somewhere in my head
Have to get down and record it, before I just forget
But my time is not my own, got this job on the side
No time to make my killer album, no time to take the ride
I dream of a W-A-R-M reception for my contribution to mankind
Concentrating on gain-staging, forget the tune I had in mind


So I bought a plastic Grammy, keep it shined up just in case

If an artist gets too mouthy, I’ll just shove it in his face.

Tell him I’m the one you’re paying to make your dreams come true

You need to know that you need me more than I need you

Stop Pulling MY Sidechain.


I pushed up the faders to reveal a muddy turd,
The most boxy dirt noise my ears had ever heard.
I slapped on a plugin to cut out all the crap,
Now it sounds like DR Dre and the bitches drink my sap.
I added lots of bass sounds to hide the terrible rhymes,
And a few shitty samples i found for free online.
I bought a massive desk that i can just fit in my room,
a 24" sub makes my tracks go boom.
I now owe lots of money as i pretend to live the dream,
My credit file is smashed to shit but my studio gleems.
Yeah hit it,
Drop the beat,
Yeah hit it,
Grasp your seat,
Yeah hit it,
Drop the beat,
Yeah hit it…my face!

Stop yanking my mic lead.

I like a lot of what Styles has written and some of what LazyE has done…
I might see if I can blend it together somewhat - but I think we should leave out the rude words.
Have the rudeness in the music, perhaps?


Award-winning song with some of them words…



Brandon would have wanted rude words and plenty of ranting lol

I agree, but we need this to go triple platinum to fund my retirement. We can curse and talk about bitches and sap when we play it live.