So what is the difference between Vst, Vst2, Vst3?

I almost never have to deal with VSTs. But I’m installing black Friday plugins, and I can’t remember if I’m supposed to install the Vst and Vst2 versions or only the Vst3.

Can someone remind me what the difference is? I knew at one time then forgot… all of my systems are Mac.

I was going to try and be knowledgeable on this topic, then I realized I had no knowledge. :smiley: Found this on the interwebs though:

Steinberg was trying for a really long time to get everyone to switch to vst3. I think it’s finally getting to the point where most DAWs support it. In my experience, most of the features that made VST3 an improvement haven’t really been utilized because very few people are making vst3 specific plugins, which means you still have to make your plugins work in the other formats, so very few plugins take advantage of the VST3 specific features.

In reaper, I always choose vst2 over VST3, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen any VST3 issues in reaper. Studio One seems to prefer that people use VST3.

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This is interesting. I always assumed that vst < vst2 < vst3. So I always use vst3 when it’s an option. I’ve never had an issue with them in reaper.

In Reaper, Cubase, and Studio One, if you deactivate your VST and VST2 in the plugin manager, then open a session where the VST 2 was saved, does it automatically roll it over to a VST3? Or do you have to rebuild the plugin chain? I can’t test it at the moment… I have a session open.

So what are the potential advanteges vst3 could have?

The advantages are enumerated in the article Blair linked above. After reading it a while ago, I made the same assumption as Cristina and only install the VST3 version if it’s available. If a company only offers VST2, I take it as a sign that they are not keeping up with current technology. If the plugins are 32 bit only, forget it.

I remember a couple of years ago emailing @bozmillar about an issue I was having with the +10dB Compex, and he suggested I use the VST2 version rather than VST3. I did, issue was resolved.

For what it’s worth now I’m on Harrison Mixbus 32c, it doesn’t even support VST3 and I don’t feel like I’m missing anything.

ARA would be nice, though…