So my granddaughter sent me these lyrics

My 13 year old granddaughter sent me these lyrics and asked if I could put a melody line in for her. She hasn’t recorded anything in over a year and I thought she just lost interest. I don’t get her lyrics, but assembled a little demo and sent it. Her only comment so far is “cool”
On a side note, I tuned my PRS and sent that straight to my LA 610 with no processing. Was wondering what you thought of that. To me it sounded clean. I did put some rasp in later on a third track for fills etc.
It is so easy to produce a quicky song if you already have lyrics. ha ha

Grace demo song ……….Intro G C G D
There’s no need to complicate it ………there’s no need to hide or fake it
Holding on like there’s no tomorrow all your pain and all your sorrow

Running fast but you’re going nowhere It’l take time, but you’ll get there

The road is long but you’re fighting thru…holding on to the light inside of you

C D Em C
I won’t stop even though I’m losing Keeping the faith even if it’s broken

Em C D
When everybody’s sayin you can’t do it…you’re the one to prove it show them prove it yeah


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Ha ha That was the perfect response:)

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yay… well done Paul - you did great with this!!
She has a tricky knack that gal… it even peeps out through the lyrics -

“there’s no need to complicate it
there’s no need to hide or fake it…”

such a great rhythm to them and I’m liking the way you’ve turned them into song. Simple and yet there is still a nice little edge. My only bash thought is the rhythm of the line
:" when everybody’s sayin you can’t do it"
I wondered about just stepping the bit “can’t do it”… instead of swinging it… o, how to explain without singing it meself…
instead of ‘can’t do it’ as quick-quick-slow
try can’t do it as step step step?? Do I make any sense at all??? :thinking:

In the depths of winter down here but heading off on our big European adventure in early September woop woop!! Working fulltime in the the Roastery at the moment but back to creativity next week, hooray…

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Hi there my friend. I told Grace already that the chorus just doesn’t do it for me. It doesn’t pop in any way. The verse is fine. Also I think there should be a pre chorus.
I read your comment over and over and actually had Roz read it to figure out the tempo you are talking about?? Actually, the last words were just “prove it, prove it”. I changed them to “I say prove it now” It just fit. ha ha
I am thrilled she is back to songwriting. Being 13, she is so busy. We are having our family shindig on the 27th. All of my original rock group should be there? However my lead singer just suffered a torn retina and might not make it???
Just picked beans, maters, peas and taters and broccoli from the garden. Yum Can’t even imagine winter? Thanks much for your bash Hi to Hayden


Hi Mr. F, well heck yeah it’s cool!

So how long have you had the LA 610? I think it sounds good, maybe just a tad dry and add a bit of hi mid. The only thing that bugs me is you are playing a rock riff over a country progression in your lead lick there, which is just the reaction of a narrow minded old guitar player so never mind!

Oh and tell your grand daughter the lyrics are very good.

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Hi Mr Lee Yeah everything was so dry so I dialed up a plug in inside of studio one called ampire (the only one I have) and tried to make it a little more full. I will try some other things. Glad you said that.
I have had the LA 610 for maybe 15 years. I run everything thru it because of the internal compressor. I really don’t know what all the knobs and switches do…that’s how I roll :slight_smile: I will try to add the some highs there.
Grace is in a state softball tournament and the song is low priority to her now. I will get her to sing it here when she is here for a week. Thanks much for the review


I think she’s off to a great start with her lyric writing! It’a great that she has you to work with and get a feel for melody ideas etc.
I see some solid potential for a great lyricist in the making! Good job!

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Thanks boss. She is so wound up all the time. She wrote these on her phone on the way to a softball game. Said “what do ya think gramps” ha ha Ahhh to be 13

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Has a Tom Petty vibe, @feaker, and I like the lyrics as is, even the chorus. You did a great job with the intro chord prog tailing the chorus as well. Very pleasant melody, I like the Em.

That’s probably why I think of Tom!


It’s not that you can’t play rock riffs over country chords, there’s lots of people doing that, and Feaker plays very well indeed.

It’s my personal preference to blend the two styles more, but lot’s of people like to do it straight up. I had to find something to pick on.:sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Hi Steve I can hear the Petty comparison. These are the chords I taught Grace when she first started playing guitar and are her favorites that she doesn’t have to look down. ha ha I really didn’t know some mix country and rock tracks. I just did it cause it sounded interesting. This song is so raw and am looking forward to Grace singing it. Thanks much for the kind words


This is spot on. I used to have two LA-610’s. They are excellent units. Some days I miss them. I find the pres to be slow which can be wonderful. The compressor is excellent. I would definitely be using that. It is a pretty simple machine that sounds excellent, especially on vocals.

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Keep those lyrics coming! I just write music. I am no good with writing lyrics at all.

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