So here's the first track from my upcoming album

Not asking for a bash on this one. Just wanted to post it for some of you that might be interested (@danmanisa :slight_smile: ).

Hey! I’m listening as I type.

I love the feel. AIC baby!!!
I know you didn’t want a bash on this one, but I gotta throw something your way to consider. While I didn’t notice any timing issues in the last song you had on BTR, I did on the intro of this one. Right at the start there are a few early guitars and for an opening track that is as grindy as this, I’d fix them up.

Outside of that, I love it. I listened and will go back and listen to your first album. I liked it a lot, but I am liking what I have heard off of the new one more so.
This song reminds me of a band called Ultraspank (unfortunate name really)
example here -
I think it’s your vocal sound and delivery - Love it.

Good stuff man, let us know when the album comes out so I can send some $$ your way and be the first “fan” on bandcamp!

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Another friend of mine said almost the exact same thing. It’s funny, because I’m not/wasn’t aiming for that at all!

That might actually be late drums. They’re not completely to the grid. I’ll check it out, though.

Me too - but - I always like the new stuff more :slight_smile:

Sure thing! I’m guessing late June - I have three to five more tracks to write (depending on how long they turn out). Speaking of which, I have a song to go write.

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Here’s track number 5 (yeah, I skipped a few - they’re up on youtube, too), but this one is, at least for the moment, my favorite.

Definite AIC vibe going on. I really like it.

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