So Antelope is making hardware emulators now?

Jeez…I didn’t even know about this. I guess they have been out for a year.

Incase you don’t know:

Universal Audio make awesome emulators plugins and they live on a chip on your Universal audio converter. They cost a lot of money.

Antelope is making emulator plugins and they live on a chip on your Antelope audio converter. They are all free.

So…is Antelope a UAD killer?? Hmmm…I can’t find many demos. The ones they have out there are hilariously worthless.

This is one of the better articles that gives you a snapshot of what they are doing.


Holy Shit. If you google Antelope FPGA, you see all the cool plugins but THEY WON’T SHUT UP AND DEMO THEM!!! Soooooooo annoying!

I’ll have to check that out. I haven’t used UAD stuff in a few years. I kinda lost interest in them

What UAD stuff do you have?

I had one of the firewire boxes. I’m trying to remember what I had for plugins. Seems like it was a few of the comps (la2a, 1176, etc), the Manley stuff and reverbs. I know I had a couple of the channel strip plugins too. I was just annoyed by how crappy PT ran when I utilized those plugins. Seemed opposite of what it should’ve experienced. Also found a number of them to be pretty unremarkable compared to stock stuff. But that’s just me. Its not like I have a good point of reference of comparing to the actual gear. haha