So after 2 days in commercial recording studio what I learned

So after 2 days in commercial recording studio what I learned


Dude! Congrats on the EP! This is sounding good :beerbanger:
Thanks for the update!


Man, I had to listen at low volumes because others are trying to sleep, but it sounds good!!!


You know you’re old when…



Nah, we’re still good. It hasn’t crossed over into “classic” heavy metal yet. :wink:


Good job!


headed that way…to classic :slight_smile:
I think we’re one step before classic, as the AC/DC and Sabbaths are there now, and we’re the Iron Maiden and Judas Priest era dudes, so give or take 5-10 years :slight_smile:
Thank you guys for checking it out!


I’m pretty sure it’s called “oldies metal”


got it done, good post with the conclusion.
that was always the thing with those doing it themselves it never seemed to get completed.

now the gigs to push it and sell it?

what was the final cost and how many tunes?


$2300 total cost ($1500 studio, $300 mix and mastering engineer, $500 artist)

I recorded overdubs and did the edits, so that probably cost me more in nerves than $ :slight_smile:

4 tunes total

Now looking at CD printing and tees, probably another $1000 total.

Artwork is priceless though, if you haven’t seen it:


How did you manage to contract a mix engineer for four songs at $300 total!? That’s dirt cheap for the quality level you achieved on this!

Did you pre-mix it then have them tweak the rough?


He’s a buddy of mine, I played on one of his songs, so I guess I was connected :slight_smile:
If you like him - he’s listed on the credits, check him out.