Smasher from Pulsar audio is FREE

An “all buttons in” 1176 emulation.

At VST Buzz with code: freesmasher20 (Offer ends 4/27/20)

Just the demo video is worth a watch, Smasher or not. :slight_smile:

That thing sounds awful. They should pay us 49 euros to download it.

Haha! Did you try it out?

Honestly, I was just jammin’ on the demo video so didn’t really pay too close attention there…

No I didn’t try it out. If their demo shows the best that it has to offer ,then I’ll pass. I’m always interested in free plugins though , so keep em’ coming.

Knock yourself out! :wink:

I must be missing something. I don’t see any place where you input the discount code? I got to the page where you’re supposed to sign up and make an account. Do I input the discount code later in the setup process?

It’s buried on the Checkout Page I think. You definitely have to look for it. It’s a blue hyperlink “Do you have a discount code?” or something like that…

I was going to use the discount code that you showed in your opening post.

I was able to enter the code successfully, so I’ll see how the rest of this process goes. :grin: Is this one of those plugins where you have to be connected to the internet to use it?

Yes, if the iLok Manager thingy requires an internet connection, which I think it does… :thinking:

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Thanks for your help, Mike!

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