Sleigh Ride - Can you check this mix?

Besides the percussion going out of time a little in some spots, does anyone here anything drastically wrong with the levels?

Client wanted it dark/warm dry and natural sounding.

Levels sound good to me. This would be a great song for a Halloween themed Christmas show. lol

sounds well balanced to me. both level and panning.

Sounds great

Thanks guys.

sounds good to me.

Sounds good. What did you do to it recording/production-wise to meet those specs? Is the percussion just a metronome, or is it a performer doing ‘spoons’ or something?

@Stan_Halen - Made sure I didn’t hype the highs too much and used a dark verb.

Percussion is one of the string players using a woodblock and sleigh bells. Horse/animal foley sound at the end was created with a viola. Whips lash sounds are a thick leather belt crack pitched down an octave combined with a human vocalization to make the ‘whoosh’ before the snap.

Here’s the mastered version.

Did you put a verb on the whole mix? This seems like the type of musical style where that could work. Any notes on reverb plugin, presets, settings?

I considered that it might be a woodblock, but the tone sounded too high. I guess they come in all sizes and tones though.

Cool and creative sound design!