Slate VMR 2.0 is out. thoughts?

just saw it, maybe nothing revolutionary…maybe just a preset toolbar or something??

Its unbelievable at how much better he has gotten at demoing his own stuff!

I love how practical and sensible his products are and how much he thinks like a working engineer…and designs stuff for the working engineer.

I almost bought a raven a few months ago. :slight_smile:

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I just want that jacket

with the glaring exception of no ext sidechaining on the VMR stuff

btw, you pay any attention to the Brainworx bx_console_e? I guess its the latest flavor of the month SSL E emulation. Dunno if Id be able to hear any difference. Plus its ugly as sin lol

I haven’t yet, but I’m gonna demo that thing real soon. The first thing that stood out to me is that the BX E is fully euconized. That means that its controls are pre-configured to adapt to my console, which is huge.

I do need this. If its even remotely as good as the Waves one, I think it’ll be worth the $300 because I’m constantly running into CPU overloads with the UAD stuff. The revised 2.0 UAD E channel is my go-to, because I don’t think anyone has even come close to the accuracy of the SSL sound that everyone knows and loves. I have high hopes for that Brainworx strip though…I’ll try and do some demoes of it against the UAD SSL E and a real SSL K the next time I pass through Nashville or when I’m in Miami next month.

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Bummer, the “bx_console N” was just on sale yesterday for $99. Maybe the others will go up shortly…

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I got the BX Console E a little while back and have stopped using the Waves version. I haven’t done a direct sonic comparison between the two (I’ll get to it at some point), but the BX has some extra handy-dandy features that I find really useful. Haven’t used the UAD or the real thing so I can’t speak to those, but I’m really digging the BX so far.

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I’ve been watching that “Raw To Polished Tracks” video. It’s totally worth the time to watch that thing through even if you have no intention of buying a Raven. This really felt like watching a small scale ‘mix with the masters’. Looking over a guys shoulder listening to them narrate their process. I really took some interesting things away from this video.

Funny story. People were talking on the UAD forum about how he used to come by and complain about UAD plugins. This was before he started ‘Slate’ as we know it today. From what I hear, people laughed him down and basically told him to fuck off. Then he posted a couple mixes and people were like DUDE!!! Now they seem to respect him there (even though he doesn’t hang out there anymore). He basically wanted plugins that did certain things and no one made them. So he made them.