Slate Air EQ

Have any of you tried the Slate Air EQ yet? Curious of opinions, etc.

The Air EQ and the Custom lifter were my go-to plugs for a very long time when I needed to open up top and add bring out 3d transparency.

I think the Custom lift is a little more versatile. I eventually replaced both with the Kush Clariphonic, but I wouldn’t hesitate to use those in a mix where the Clariphonic is not available. The two have a similar approach - they’re parallel EQ’s that can yank around frequencies over 20K. But I also have speakers with a 20K frequency response. I don’t think its so much about how you mix over 20K, as it is the effect on stuff it has in the 7-16K range.

A long time? I got an email as though it was brand new? Maybe you’re thinking of the Avid Air series? :wink:
Or they’re just being sneaky with their advertising. lol

AHH! I thought you were talking about these!


Wow. That’s confusing.

In this case no. I haven’t tried that EQ yet. I’ll download that new EQ and hopefully play around with it sometime soon!

Ps… if you get a chance… demo this one for me lol.

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Air EQ has been around for a while, but it was just included in the slate everything bundle.

I was referring to this one :slight_smile: