Site may go down for a brief while (or not brief)

Site may go down for a brief while (or not brief)
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Working on some updates and moving to a new server today (hopefully) as mentioned in this thread…

I’ve installed the software on the new server and I’m doing some work behind the scenes. I’ll be finishing things on the new server and restoring a backup from this server during that time. After this is done, I’ll be pointing this domain name to the new server.

It is possible that during this transition, you’ll be unable to connect etc. Just know that it should be working fine shortly :+1:


I struggled with that server all day and got close to working great before it went haywire. I took us back to the old for now :wink:


Thanks for all your hard work!!



I’ll get it figured out somehow! Lol


Wasn’t able to get on all night, but it’s working now. Thanks Bryan!


I’ll still be working on it, but I’ll have to do more behind the scenes before I make the switch to the new server again. That didn’t work so well today :stuck_out_tongue:


I sure appreciate all your patience everyone!


and thank you for taking this on.