Sister Golden Hair, America 1975

“Sister Golden Hair” is a song by the band America from their fifth album Hearts (1975), written by Gerry Beckley.
Beckley says “There was no actual Sister Golden Hair.” The lyrics were largely inspired by the works of Jackson Browne. Beckley commented, “[Jackson Browne] has a knack, an ability to put words to music. I find Jackson can depress me a little bit, but only through his honesty; and it was that style of his which led to a song of mine, ‘Sister Golden Hair’.”

I dedicate this song to all our sisters with silver hair!!!
My hair is turning silver, and a lot of our family members are getting up there in age and wisdom.
Respect and love goes to our elderly and our loving family members who we tend to forget and take for granted!

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I always wondered about the lyrics/meaning of this song. It had a magical feeling about it, though it couldn’t be pinned down to logical sensibility. Sometimes those are the really great songs … keeps you from overthinking it! Once upon a time, I was in a garage band where this was the vocalists favorite song, so it does elicit some memories.

I have to admit, I never was a big Jackson Browne fan, but I knew he made quite a mark on songwriting and popular music. I do remember “Doctor My Eyes”, or at least other people’s covers of it. “Running On Empty” was the one that really grabbed me, in the late 70’s (on radio), but perhaps that’s because the lyrics obviously spoke to me of the “Fast Lane” and the somewhat shallow culture that inhabited the music industry and Hollywood (Hollyweird/Hollywoke) during that time. Yeah, depressing in a sense, but honest and truthful was what I got out of it - and I can always respect that!

“The Pretender” had a similar effect on me. Maybe a prelude to “The Imposter Syndrome” or something like that; acting like a “star” but really being just a regular bloke on the street with some publicity behind you.

I knew he was in the circle of The Eagles, as was Linda Ronstadt and J.D. Souther. Those must have been some times indeed to be a musician in the City of Lost Angels.

I think you did a respectable job on this, and I particularly liked your little ‘scat’ at the very end! It finishes it in memorable way.

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I also wanted to comment on this. All indigenous/native cultures have tremendous respect for ancestors and elders. A lost tradition in the modern era. I discovered my ancestors through deep genealogy research, and it has enriched my life and understanding of spirituality immensely. The “experts” like to call it “ancestor worship” regarding those cultures, but they clearly misunderstand the complexity of the lineage of souls (the term “egghead” comes to mind :smirk:). Remember where you come from! No man is an island. Honor those that came before you.

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You are a very attentive and quite informed in a lot of areas.
I am impressed by your sensible and truthful comments, such a mark of intelligence and principle.
My commentary, I mostly get from Wikipedia, and just stick to the facts, as recorded.
I love all the artists you mentioned, Jackson, Ronstadt, JD Souther - really great musicians!!!
Thank you, once more!!!
Warm regards,

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Now we are talking!
Respect and understanding!
If only people have these traits within them, and really exercise the goodness in these values, then we might be able to achieve peace.
Bringing it back to the family unit, knowing and remembering where you came from brings about personal strength and sense of community. And if the family unit has spirituality, which most societal groups inherently has, then the cohesiveness and goodness, are being ingrained in oneself, not to mention the respect and obedience to elders. Calling for help and assistance from ancestors is an example of this belief.
Thanks for stating these excellent points!!!
Young people today has the tendency to make their own mark without consultation and approval of their elders.
They tend to believe what social media preaches, which is quite deceptive and really self-serving.
You are so appreciated.

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Aw shucks. :blush: Thanks for the kind words Rene. Perhaps I have a good teacher. He lived a long time ago. :wink: :pray: :open_book:

Indeed! The man/woman of peace is the one who has already made peace within their self (and continues to monitor it).

As modern society becomes more and more technological, and loses sight of what it really means to be human, I believe many are returning to traditional values and family values. Remembering how people used to live in simpler times, and being happy with basic needs being met. Gratitude. And true community.

With age comes wisdom, and character built through both joy and tribulation. For young people, that has sometimes been replaced by the “15 minutes of fame” and narcissistic pursuits of empty materialism and immediate gratification. It is truly a sign of the collapse of civilization as we have known it in our lifetimes. I pray we can reverse this trend while there may still be time. I believe it will take some life-changing world events to wake people up though.

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Love your responses, @Stan_Halen !!!
Nothing is news.
We’ve had these issues in society, and constantly evolving.
I do not wish a collapse of civilization.
Rather, I would want for more understanding and inter-personal communication, and maybe, just maybe, a little bit of time away from individual cellphones, and more of a personal face to face comms.
For starters!
Thanks again!!!

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Yes, it’s no coincidence that people were offered little pocket radio/computers that could keep them connected to “The Matrix” 24 hours a day. Which they have become addicted to. And there are multiple avenues to further encircle us with the “Technocratic Digital Prison” every day. So to step away from the technology and the addictions is a great first step. To reconnect with other people in tried and true authentic ways, both one-on-one and in community. It’s taking our power back.

I passionately feel, however, that we must take the next step and push back against rules, laws, mandates, and propaganda that lead us into the AI/robot mechanized society of the future. It’s being planned and implemented as we speak. That too will collapse civilization as we know it, or make it unrecognizable to real human beings. It may seem like a daunting task, but it can start with individual actions like boycott/buycott of companies that participate or push these things, political action to make our discontent heard (we got pretty lazy with our civic duty), and becoming as self-sufficient as possible so that technocrats cannot control us. * Personal and community gardens with fresh quality food. * Making what we need ourselves by learning new skills. * Bartering and trading within the community (the Financial $ystem is a House of Cards IMO). * Making sure locally elected Sheriffs will stand up for the Constitution and wipe out corruption.

That may sound like a lot, but they are all things we can take personal responsibility for. Create Our Own Future, as we wish it to be. The globalists brag about their sophisticated One World Government plans, and how they plan to control us. It’s all out in the open if people will open their eyes and look, and think for themselves. As strong and independent people, we can reveal what power-hungry fools they really are.

Stay strong brother. :pray:

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Great points, @Stan_Halen !!!
One step at a time, and keep spreading the word.
It might feel like swimming against the tide, but keep swimming and keep moving forward.
The fight is not lost, and getting another soul onboard is another big win!!!
Between you and me, we are 100 percent.
Keep strong!!!

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it has been planned since way before the dawn of AI. Not to jump one conspiracy theory to another, but it started from the moment we doped our drinking supply with Fluoride decades ago :stuck_out_tongue:

but back to music, love this Rene :+1:


Well I’ll admit fluoride has damaged my brain but I think it was the telegraph; made spreading fake news so much faster!

@ReneAsologuitar that is a hard song to sing but you make it look easy, thanks!


Yes indeed! There are so many rabbit-holes, and they’re all connected in some way. Fluoridated water (an industrial waste byproduct - from aluminum production), chem-trails and weather manipulation, Fractional Reserve Banking (“the FED” & “fiat” currency), the Rockefeller education system (brainwashing & thought control), the American Medical Association (health control), JFK assassination (CIA etc), Nixon impeachment (CIA framed him for Watergate break-in), and now the WEF / Davos / “climate change” narrative. First it was “You will own nothing and be happy”, now it’s “Master the Future”. :smirk: John Kerry’s remarks at Davos were quite telling. Not to mention bio-agent/bio-weapon proliferation (take a guess) and ultimately One World Government.

I think it started at least in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s, but you can argue it goes back centuries (Sabbatean Frankists + Freemasonry) or even millennia. Cecil Rhodes (the Rhodes scholarship - globalism), Bertrand Russell, Rockefellers, Aldous & Julian Huxley (“Brave New World” + eugenics + trans-humanism), George Orwell (“1984”), Operation Paperclip (Nazi scientists to U.S.), and Operation Mockingbird (CIA/MSM).

I’ll stop there for the sake of brevity. :joy:


You are so loved and appreciated @FluteCafe !!!
Thanks for getting back on track, way to go!!!
Wishing you the best for 2023!
With love and respect,

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Hi @ingolee ,
I have been singing this same song with friends and family for a very long time, and that might be the reason that I make it look easy.
This is a personal favorite, and also a song that very many people know and love.
Love your great comments! Thank you, Ingo!!!
Stay safe and keep healthy!

Wow, this is so much pollution done, and crazy much to keep track of.
As for me, myself and I, and with my polluted education and work-life experience, I will keep it simply - call wrong, a wrong, tight, a right; treat my neighbor as I wanted to be treated; ensure I do not take advantage of situations, or people or environment for a greedy purpose, be informed (knowing that fake news are all around us).
Break everything down to “SIMPLE”, and get back to basics.
Honesty, respect, understanding, “kindness as well as bravery/courage”.
As for me, myself and I, all things will be strained and de-polluted, exposed and out in the open for all to see and discern.
Thanks for all the great communications!!!

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We are 100 percent! :100: :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

I like to say “do your own research.” Use your discernment (pattern recognition) and intuition (intuitive awareness, “still small voice”) to try to figure out what is true and false. It’s rare that any one source of information will fully inform you of the ‘truth’, and even then we have to constantly question everything!
Only you can decide what you believe is true. Others can only point the way.
Anything I say or pass on is only my own understanding at the current time, but I try to dig deep and continuously update my knowledge and insight.

There is Fifth Generation Warfare going on, an Information War, and if humans don’t win that war, we lose it. I don’t believe we can fail, because God wins the spiritual war between good and evil. But it is up to us to do our part, each to his/her own capabilities.

I think it is important to understand “Event 201”. Event 201 was where Bill Gates, the WEF, and Johns Hopkins University hosted a pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York.
The event simulated how governments and corporations would use the pandemic to obliterate the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.
Anyone who looks closely can see that is exactly what has been happening, though covertly.

Warning signs - They say “we care about you,” or “it’s for your own good.” Nope, it’s always their agenda, and they take advantage of your good nature and trusting assumptions. The MSM is complicit in pushing those messages.

Per Event 201, how many pandemics would there really be if we left nature alone and trusted in our Creator to take care of things? IMO, they are clearly manufactured (in labs) to induce fear and compliance (control) in the population. Many of us have learned to say “I do not comply,” because if we go along with it or stay silent there is “implied consent,” and the bad actors get away with their evil deeds.

At the present time, I think it is also important to understand “Digital ID” (to connect to the new internet after a planned cyber-attack), which along with CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) will lead to complete totalitarian control. If they can accomplish this in the U.S., the rest of the world will fall along with us (under their own banking systems and tyrants).
This is no conspiracy theory - it is Project Cedar, announced by the New York Federal Reserve Bank, to replace dollars with a digital equivalent on the blockchain. It came after Executive Order 14067 was signed by that guy living in the White House. :roll_eyes: Everything you do and say, and spend your money on, will be observed (surveillance) - and controlled - if necessary. That’s not freedom, that’s not free speech!

Thankfully, the globalist psychopaths are not nearly as smart as they’d like us to think they are. They are full of ego and hubris, and see us as subhuman slaves to their agenda. They have no concept of ‘righteousness’ and human dignity.

I know this is a lot, Rene. But I have laid out a basic picture that may serve as a launch pad for your questions and investigations. That said, your music is your ministry to the world, and is a key part of all this too - we must be joyful and creative and expectant of the very best for humanity. God wins.

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Hi Rene Sorry not getting to this. Been crazy working. We played this in our band. We were a dance band and this song was a crowd downer. Also I shot the sheriff. But we played them cuz we could. ha ha The chord “will you meet me” sounds wrong. I remember it being a full solid chord. I could be wrong there. Love your ending. ha ha the best to you

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Hi Paul,
Finally, a pimple in the silk, hahahahaha!!!
You are so appreciated my friend.
I am glad that you were able to get away and spend some time with us, and of course, your beloved pasttime!
Don’t work too hard.
Your musical ear is so appreciated, and I love it!!!
I will have to check out my booboo, and listen more carefully.
I need to figure out the correct chord.
Thank you, and warm regards,

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If Rene, Stan (genealogy, digital currency, and WEF!), or others ever want to discuss religion with me, send me a private message. Rene, per usual your guitar playing and vocals sound very good on this classic rock song! :slight_smile:

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