Simple Math - Spencer and Sequoia

Hello my friends,

Here comes a song I mixed for Spencer and Sequoia. Really nice music! I had some problems with the quality of the recordings, but think I managed to do a good mix out of it. Feedback please!

Right off the bat i would cut some of the highs on acoustic guitar and then i feel like the whole thing is being pushed too hard. You can hear too much of the ‘room’ and it pushes the little clicks and fuzz up and makes them too prominent. otherwise a nice mix.

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Hi there Lucas, What a pretty song. I love the easy feel of it.The vocals are good and clear, nice harmonies too, good balance though at times near the beginning of the song she could come up a bit (or made to stand out) At 2.36 her level is perfect… The horn could come up just a tad for my taste. to make it sit just above the mix a hair more. I’m on the third listen - nice tune. IMO the main guitar at the intro could move a little more to the center to balance with the male vocal. The second guitar is good where it is. 4th listen - I like this song!. If you do try to pan the main guitar a little to center, the horn could move a touch to take it’s place. I hear some light percussion at times, nice effect. Half a dozen listens and I’m not tired of listening to this. good quality of singing voice - just a great song. Thanks.:sunglasses:

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Lovely song, I think one of the performers is from NZ am I right?
I’m getting a sense of frequency harshness playing it through my stereo, it’s a sense that the limiter has been pushed a little too much and is causing some distortion, particularly in the upper frequencies. Ahh, now I’m reading red’s comments and guess we;re sensing similar issues?
The trumpet in the intro felt quite far back in the ‘room’ with the reverb treatment. It had more of a big band sound when I was expecting more acoustic but that may very well be my preconception.

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Thank you @redworks, @Kinfolk and @Emma! Excellent feedback.

I agree there is a problem in the high frequencies. Will fix it and post the result.

I feel the same. The artist wanted to have it like this, Maybe I can convince them :slight_smile:
And yes, she is from NZ.

@Kinfolk, I will try those ideas you have, thank you very much