Simple man

Lets Rock


That section that starts right around 2:30 sounds really cool and was totally unexpected. Nice. Gotta crank this on my monitors at home. :slight_smile:

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Nice, mix, Alan. IDK what I’d do differently. This is just nice. Well-balanced. Maybe the drums could go with a teeny-bit more volume, and more high end, but just a thought. This is nice.

Did you record this? Quite well done. Well-played, nice arrangement, good mix.

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Cheers ,no I didn’t track any of it I only mix

Hey, another cool song and mix from you!
From what I listened to I really like the overall tone and balanced. Vocals are pretty song and very upfront, it works very to me.

Mixing-wise, I was a bit disturbed with the stereo since I found the hihat a bit loud and way too much on the left side.
I also think that genre needs less bass guitar and more low end from the guitars (I suppose that it’s kinda metal song/mix).
Guitars are a bit shy to my tastes.
I also notice how hard seems the 2bus compressor work during the last few seconds while its stops working… (level goes up suddenly).

Very pleasing work to me, nice!

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