Silent Night

I recorded this song back around 2015 on my Roland VS-2480 (I think that was the year… :thinking:. As I listen back now, I can hear that it needs to be remixed and there’s a few additional things I’d like to add (lead guitar licks, shouting background vocals that counter the lead vocal, etc.). I might have to redo some instruments as well. I’m not even sure if I’m all that motivated to put the effort into this, but I might. :roll_eyes: Hopefully I can find the WAV files for it. :grimacing:

Anyway, give me the good and the bad from what you can hear, here.


Ha ha Oh what fun it is to jam to wicked’s silent night. (jingle bells) Like that axe riff. It might be fun sometime to completely change the melody line and make it sorta rad. I did the reversal and made a silent night with minor chords and different vibe. I was gonna post it, but there is too much “that’s cool, but listen to mine” Few posts these days


I could completely change the melody but then the song would be unrecognizable as Silent Night, aside from the lyrics. When I recorded this and some other Christmas songs (Carols), my intention was to change the lyrics in a comedic way and maybe a politically incorrect way :smiling_imp::grin:. The plan was to keep the lyrics similar to the original lyrics, but to twist them with some dirty humour and weirdness. Silent Night might be changed to Violent Night, for example. Basically I was thinking of taking all the sweetness and innocence out of the lyrics. :grinning::partying_face:

You should post it, Paul. We don’t have enough people posting topics or songs, lately. I’d be interested in hearing your version of Silent Night or any other Christmas song you might have.

On the other hand, because it is so quiet in here, I’ve been hesitant to post any of my recordings. I was planning on putting my version of We Wish You. A Merry Christmas in BTR, but it almost feels pointless. This place is like a ghost town.

Thanks for listening and commenting, Paul @feaker :+1:

We just maybe just a few of us can gab before the plug gets pulled. I won’t know where to go for sure.

I used and Am and Em in this one and didn’t go up and down when singing the silent night. Nuthin special, just a different take.


Sounds really nice, Paul. I like it a lot !

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Being that there aren’t many around as of late, I bet it would make a great room to record a vocal with all that natural reverb :slight_smile:

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Haha :rofl:

Yes, this place feels like a big void in the universe and you and I are sending messages to each other from one distant side to the other. The echoes of silence is deafening. :flushed:

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You couldn’t ask for a better site than this for songwriters. The only prob here is the lack of new blood, new material and collabs.
I have one big regret that I didn’t financially contribute. I have the money. Pathetic. I also wish some of or all of the big guys here would have posted reminders of that. Blame someone else right? Jist keep on makin songs.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good write.

I wouldn’t worry about that, Paul. You contributed a lot to the forum just by posting here.

Merry Christmas to you and all of our IRD brothers and sisters.

I might be drinking a little Gingerbread whiskey in an hour or two from now, in celebration. Hope your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are joyous and happy, Paul. Don’t drink too much! :partying_face:


Haha! Out of everything you did with that, I’m probably most amused that you figured out how to play it in 4/4 time lol.

But no… seriously, I always get a kick out of listening to your stuff. Thanks man!

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Thanks Jonathan!

Merry Christmas :partying_face::partying_face:

Again I am digging the punkish take on a christmas song.

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Thanks, Eric @redworks :+1:

That was really cool. A whole different vibe, melody and harmonies. Very nice.