Silent version

Silent version


changed up the melody notes…a quicky


That’s great Paul! Works on every level. Spare arrangement is ideal for your performance. All I’d do is trim off that first second of random sound and tidy up the way the last notes fade away, but otherwise I wouldn’t change a thing. :christmas_tree:


Hi bud Not much thought or prep went into this. Just tried to be different. Peace to you friend


What Dave said! :+1::+1:


This is a sweetie, it felt like you had popped around and were singing it in my lounge which was a nice thing.
I like the sort of laconic way you approach it, almost Nick Cavey…

o and yep to what Dave says… :wink:


Kinda out of my element. Roz is the religious one. I don’t even go to church, but here we are.
I like the laid back thangy. As soon as I get set up with a temp studio, I am going to do a simplistic acoustic Beatles video. I have been messin with that. peace and pizza to you


Thanks Dave. I have not forgotten what we talked about. I will message you about it. things are crazy


Very nice, Paul. So different and thoughtful. I like the minor chord on the second half of the verse. The change in melody makes me experience the lyrics differently than I have before. Love your voice on this: serene, gentle. This is beautiful!


Hi Tesgin You did notice the minor chord. I was wondering if anybody would. I don’t plan these things. I don’t usually sing melody lines with so many identical notes. Usually gets old very fast. Thanks so much for the very kind words.




I really like this. People have re-done Christmas songs so many times it’s so cool to hear something actually new. Love your style.


Thanks Cristina. The Am and Em threw my family for a little loop when I played it for it for them. My granddaughter Grace said “play it again gramps”, so I knew she liked it. ha ha