Sign up for free waves plugin

Free waves plugin, a new one. To be available on Black Friday:


Huh. I wonder what they’re giving away. I signed up.

Sure, I’ll sign up for a freebie. Free is a very good price.

Last year their Black Friday freebie was their VU Meter plugin.

I don’t actually used it much cuz there are other freebies I use that I like better (mvmeter2 by tbpro audio, or lvlmeter by LSR Audio), but it is a nice plug. And free is free!

For free, I’ll sign up. They already have my email address anyway. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hopefully you guys picked up your Waves FREEBIE! Now I’m trying to decide if it’s worth trying to “upgrade” to v11. It looks great though!

That’s exactly why I didn’t get it–because I don’t want to deal with any funny business with the installer and maybe having to upgrade my existing plugins.

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Also passed… not the kind of sounds I want to be making. And if it has some kind of scheme to get you to mess with other plugs, definitely no thank you.


Nothing is for free.

I’ve got no reason to defend Waves, other than the fact that in all the years I’ve been using their plugins, I’ve never been forced to pay for any nefarious, shadowy “scheme”. The dreaded WUP scheme has to be one of the most widely misunderstood things on the internet…

The current v11 installer is for the latest plugs. If I don’t choose to update my version 9 and 10 plugins, they remain working perfectly fine on my computer, as they have for the past many years. If, for some reason I need to re-install my older version plugins, the legacy installers are freely available from Waves.

FWIW, I installed the new Distortion plugin. It was indeed free and it works perfectly fine.


I took the plunge last night.

  1. I upgraded my Waves Central to v11. That looked like it took care of my v10 plugins too.
  2. Then I downloaded the v9 installer but did NOT run it. Instead I used the “Offline Installer” from the v11 Waves Central and pointed to where I unzipped the v9 stuff which is like 1.3GB IIRC. But my v9 plugins still weren’t showing up in my DAW.
  3. Next was the “Plugin Organizer” in the settings of the new Waves Central. I ran that, and that took care of it!
  4. So I am now running Waves with 1 v11 plugin, a handful of v10 and a pile of v9 and working. (whew!) :grimacing:

Ditto. Eventually, I’ve been able to get my non-WUPPED plugins working.

Regarding WUP, my feeling is it’s an “end-run” alternative to a subscription model and is structured to get every customer to continually keep giving them money. I don’t fault them for it per se, because that is the ongoing problem of any software company; “how do you maintain recurring revenue from you customer base?”. It’s not pretty, but at least you have a path to continue using the plugins you bought.

BTW, thank you Waves for 2 really decent FREEBIES these last years: Sibilance and now Bersek. That’s not nothin’. :+1:


The panic online is insane… people posting that installing v11 mysteriously destroyed their previous installs, and one guy who even claimed that installing v11 cancelled all his previous licenses and waves told him he had to buy new ones.

While Waves could make the update process WAY easier/more intuitive, people really need to do 10 seconds of reading about updating and WUP before they freak out or just blindly install and hit accept over and over until it’s done.

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Really? The only thing I did was download the v11 installer, installed the new plugin and everything works fine. All my older version plugs are there… whole process took about maybe 10 minutes at the most.

Yeah Sibilance is great.

In fact Waves plugins in general are some of the least buggiest plugins I own.

Amen. Read the manual.

Wow! You must be living right. Just to be clear, you have v9 plugins that are NOT under WUP, correct??

Yeah, I’m not an anti-Waves conspiracy-ist by any stretch. Mainly I just wasn’t attracted by what the free plugin does.

I use the Waves stuff I have fairly seldom anyway, and haven’t bothered with the WUP thing. It’s all good. :slight_smile:

Thanks I try :wink: …but I don’t think it has anything to do with that…


No worries.

My feelings toward Waves are like the feelings I have toward any other big company who sells stuff - Pretty neutral.

If the product is good, the price is right and I use it, then that’s about it. Not much more to say…

I didn’t think I would like it either, but I played with it briefly and found it works really nicely on bass.

I’m a little curious as to what the differences between our Waves installations are, but I don’t think I have the patience or want to spend the time to figure it out. :wink:

Waves is giving away another FREEBIE - OneKnob Wetter. Scroll to the bottom of the page…

Totally agree.

I think the plugin is really well designed but the demo only showed the extreme stuff it can do. It’ll be a while before I have anything to use it on, but I intend to toss it on 808 kicks and raw synth stuff. I had envisioned using it for jobs that the Waves Infected Mushroom Pusher, @bozmillar Big Clipper, and Izotope Trash 2 Waveshaper does.

@Chordwainer , not that you should get this thing if you really don’t want it, but even for pop/blues/folk oriented stuff you do, if its still possible to grab this it could really enhance your toolkit for adding definition to bass guitars, body and girth to kick/snare drums, and some extra bite to B3/Rhodes patches.

I think you have a Trash 2 license (vaguely remember you buying an izotope bundle in Nov of 2015). It essentially does the same thing, but the Waves one might be quicker to dial in.