Sia's Unstoppable cover

Hi guys!
Hope everyone is well and hanging in during those hard times.
I think we are very lucky to have our home studios giving us some way out of this madness at least for a few hours a day!
This is something I been working with my wife the last month that we’re quarantined.
Hope you like it and I’m eager to hear any suggestion to improve it!!!

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Hi George - good to hear from you again! This sounds great! (as usual).

I think the only thing I would like is for the chorus to be bigger and have more impact in comparison to the verse. At present, it’s just a little bit to linear in terms of long term dynamic shifts. Maybe make the verse drums a little smaller sounding, and make the chorus drums more slamming.

Overall, nice work!

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Love her voice. Background is almost magical. The chorus overshadows her voice. I know it has to build, but?? Well done

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Yes, I messed with the volume of her voice during the chorus and I may have set it a bit lower than it had to be… Thx for the attention to detail and your kind words!

Nice to hear from you and you covered one of my favorite songs! Love the voice!

I think the vocals could use a bit more predelay, the reverb is too flangy and coming in a wee bit sooner in the attack. The dry / wet balance is a bit off. The consonants are washed out which could likely be fixed with a different predelay or a bit of dry signal in the mix.

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Hi there! Glad you liked it!
The truth is I’m struggling a bit with the vocals.
I can’t find a way to get them more in your face.
I’ve to a point where I’m going back and forth with the volume, the reverbs, you name it…
I’ll try your suggestion and see if i can make it work.
Otherwise I think I’ll get rid of everything and start the vocal for scratch. :joy:

If thats the target then you definitely need the proper wet dry balance.
Another thing to get vocals in your face - I would suggest more compression ‘before’ EQ in this case to iron the vocals down with a high threshhold then pick out the frequencies to get them in your face to desired taste. Then work on a noticeable delay and reverb. Keep the backtrack wetter than the voice to create separation and it should work towards your goal.

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Listening now, George, on my MacBook Pro (which has very nice speakers, but are not studio-quality to be sure!).

This is nice. Balances are good. Vocals levels are consistent. Overall a solid mix. Two things for you:

One is that there’s some nasty sibilance on the vocals that is really popping out on my laptop. Not sure what it would sound like in my studio monitors, but it’s quite noticeable here.

Second thing is that there’s a lot of verb (personal preference is for less) and somehow the vocals don’t feel like they’re in the same “space” as the instruments.

Beautiful voice.

Low end is nice. The tambourine (I “think” that’s tambourine?) might be a little harsh at times.

Flows nicely. Pleasant to listen to. Nicely done!

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