Should a late submission be accepted? We'd like to poll participants

Should a late submission be accepted? We'd like to poll participants

I missed the contest deadline, but am requesting to be included in the scoring process. AL had concerns about if this was fair but wanted to defer to the other contestants. I’d love to see the song entered, but you guys do not feel this is appropriate I’m happy to respect that and would not hold it against anyone in any way. On my honor, I did not use anyones final mix to evaluate my final.

Are you OK with allowing this submission to enter this contest?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t care either way

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I’m cool with it this time, there weren’t a whole lot of entries and I think yours would bring it up to an even 10. In the future I do think mix contest deadlines should mean something though. Also, the deadline came and went and I’m not sure what happens now? Is there a deadline for everyone to finish voting? When does the contest actually end?

There’s also no prize. This was purely a training exercise for anyone who participated. If there was a cash prize or some kind of real payout, I wouldn’t be asking out of respect to the integrity of the group.

Totally agree.

I have no idea.

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I don’t think that got determined, the contest kind of came together quickly and spontaneously. Presumably we have maybe a week after the deadline to get comments and votes in, and then some sort of judging process if necessary that doesn’t drag on too long.


I think we should let it slip in this time

I think without a prize other than IRD bragging rights, the more the merrier!

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Hmm. I guess I kind of have mixed feelings. On the one hand, it’s not like this is a high profile competition with large stakes running on this. It’s pretty informal and is all about the community. My biggest interest in all of this is to learn, and learn I have. Not really a big deal either way.

On the other hand, I was out of town since Wednesday night and stayed up late that night to get mine in before the deadline. I just figured the deadline is part of the process. There were other things I’d have wanted to do with my mix and spend more time on, but didn’t cuz I knew it was due Saturday. Had I known that I could have had more time, I wouldn’t have rushed it.

So, as long as you asked… :slightly_smiling_face:

That said, I’m fine with whatever you guys, or the community, decide. Absolutely loving this forum. Thanks for organizing this and for keeping this place running!

That’s a good point. Maybe they should let him do the contest, but knock a point off his final score for being late to cancel out any advantage he might have gained from having more time than everyone else. Just an idea.

Fine by me, this was really just a friendly contest and community mixing exercise. On the other hand, I know you’re in “the biz” and that you know deadlines are deadlines… :wink:

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The votes say yes. I’ll be making up the brackets later today.

As I’m making up brackets, I notice that @Jonathan’s submission doesn’t have a poll on it. Would we rather add a poll and have his entry get a point deducted after the voting (as suggested above), or should we just have his entry compete against the one with the highest voting score?

I didn’t see the option to add the poll when I submitted it.

Can’t you just add one and wait for 10 people to vote?

I’d do whatever is easiest here. This thing is really less of a competition and more of a peer-review learning experience with a standardized grading system. The only way a point deduction penalty makes sense is if the rules and ‘fairness’ supersede the added value of including it.

I don’t see how the rules could possibly be that important in this particular case, but if you feel they are, I’d just leave the submission out. I’m perfectly ok with that.

@BigAlRocks - Has anyone p.m.'d you with serious objections to this?? This isn’t a hill I want to die on!

No one has PM’d me at all about this.

I updated @Jonathan’s post to include the poll. Y’all please go vote. :slight_smile: