Short acoustic thingy

I made a quick song to use in a Mongoose walkthrough video, and I just wanted to make sure nothing sounds too terribly off before I make this video.

The bass and guitar are panned hard right/left, but that’s sort of the point of the song/video.


No that was funny. I thought I was the only one who was a little looney. I kinda liked it. really Is that a midi guitar? still laughing

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Haha very cool… Just listening on fairly cruddy speakers at work, but here the vocal sounds a little on the boomy side, lacking a little clarity and cut in the high mids.

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A bit heavy on the low end. I can’t make out the last word.

‘cuz it make it sound like “?”

All I hear is the oo vowel of the word…After the 3rd listen, I think you are saying “poo” If so, make the “P” sound more present.


Lyrics of the year!!!

I think it’s good to go. Now you have my curiosity!


ok, here’s an update. I took some of the boominess out of the vox and made the last word easier to understand. At least I think I did. Also brought the bass down a bit.

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Yup, nice improvement - that should do it!

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Cool… !
But listening for the first and second times I still didn’t get ‘poo’ I got ‘cool’ at first (go figure…??) but not quite… had to really listen. And not intending to be contrary (but managing nevertheless) I preferred the inflated bass sound of the original… it made me grin.
Listened at first through my laptop and I think the louder bass had a nice impact… next listening through infinity speakers the poo was clearer… haha clear poo? personally, I’ would faff around with that ‘p’ even more, just a little more plosive…

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Here’s the video. I made some more changes, and I think I may have inadvertently made it less intelligible again. Blast.

Edit: Updated the video with less reverb.

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Haha! I’m sorry I missed this thread! Right on Boz. What a lovely little tune! :joy:

ah, blast. I had waaaay too much reverb on the version I used in the video. Crap. I guess I have to fix that.

Haaaaa! First listen: This sounds like something that belongs on the next Life Is Strange soundtrack.

@Cristina lol

Ahahaha! Love it! Actually, the pieces are so appealing that it should be a full length song although, panned more appropriately when the rest of the band kicks in… the update would be your intro just as is and then all of a sudden everything else pounds in. I would love to hear what you would come up with for lyrics! Nice one!

@bozmillar Genius!!! You hadda get a grammy for that!!! Love it!!!

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