Shiftin in to 2nd gear

Shiftin in to 2nd gear

moving along with this now Taken hints from yawl and applied them to the track. Still lots to do
update…i put some rap sound and a new bridge just for fun to stretch the time towards 3 min (might boot it?)

Shiftin into 2nd gear

I caught you in the sack with my ole friend Joe there ain’t gonna be you and I no mo
You can loose the tears just gimme my stuff……this thing you’ve done I’ve had enough
You lyin sleezin peace of crap…how could I know you were doin that….I’m movin on because

Feelin bad just might be boring…I ain’t got no time for mournin
maybe I’ll just have another beer…

Shiftin into 2nd gear… ain’t never lookin back…knew that I had to walk away
Shiftin into 2nd gear…don’t need that 1st gear anyway …I’ll live to fight another day

Liar Liar…I’m glad Joe set your pants on fire ya think he likes you…bet he don’t
Maybe you’ll put yourself for hire Sign says I’ll call you honey…take your money… find someone else

I’ve made mistakes like you before…. picked myself up off the floor…
I grabbed my hat…went runnin out the door

When yur pickin women gotta be a little smarter gotta do a little homework gotta work a little harder
Don’t be looking for a cutie with that per-fect booty…find someone who likes you
Like her back like her good …you know…you should be nice to each other it ain’t that hard

Walkin now waving bye walkin out now I ain’t gonna cry over you uuh uhh


What a fun song and creative mix, Paul!

Creative arrangement. Lots going on. I LOVE your ending, cuz it totally caught me off guard.

I think eq all around seems good. I think everything you need to do with this can be done with balancing and gain automation. The lyrics were hard for me to understand cuz the two vocals were kind of competing with each other too much. I couldn’t decide which to listen to. The guitar lead at 1:00 was too loud, esp compared to the harmonica at 1:06.

Bring the guitars down maybe a touch. Drums louder. Not enough separation in the kit pieces.

I absolutely love this! Really cool. Listened to it three times right of the start. It reminds me of Adam Sandler’s Hannukah Song. Very fun.

Hi Tesgin I was just going to pull this down for lack of interest. Bad time to post because there is a lot going on in the forum as of late as well. This is just the type of help I was looking for. I just hit a saturation point listening to it too much. haha
It’s funny that you liked the ending because it was just filler until I figured out my next move. I will redo that with something better. I very seldom repeat a riff twice anyway.
I have a tendency of adding extra vocals to a track when I think it is lacking fullness. I have to sing it over anyway because I was once again too close to the mike.
I also thought the drums could come up, but when I did that the vocal was lost even more.
So glad to hear you liked it because now I will go back to work on it again. One never knows:)
Thank you much


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You are very welcome! Seriously, I really do like the ending. It’s so cool because I absolutely didn’t see it coming. Totally caught me off guard. I love that, especially because everything else going on with the song is so creative. Eager to hear your next steps with this.

Hey, if you’re up for it, I would get a kick out of playing around with the mix on this. It’s just a fun song. I would benefit from the bashing. If you’d be open to that, just PM me and send me your files. I would love that. If not, don’t sweat it. I won’t be offended. :blush:

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Yeah, I would love that. I will finish it first. I think there are 14 tracks, but most are just little extras. I can move them around ha ha If you wanted to add anything, that would be super. Same goes for subtracting. You made my day

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Nice, Paul. Let’s do it! Looking forward to it. :+1:

Send me the raw tracks. No hurry. I’m out of town. Won’t get to it before the weekend.

This is another good sounding song. It sounds good and like it just needs some finessing. Can’t wait to hear the final product.

Great Melody! Guitars are dark, Vocals are super cool but distracting unless the doubling is a little more accurate or like @tesgin said pick one thats gonna be the focus. Maybe the guitars don’t need to be panned so wide. But its a great vibe!

Hi Eric
It needs more than a little finessing that’s for sure. Great to have small tidbit of help for direction. I will keep at it. Thanks for the listen

Hi James
Yeah those dual vocals I did because I thought the higher one was a bit lame. I will line them up better and relisten or just boot one of them. I watched some youtube videos this morning on panning. They used protools and they were so complicated I didn’t even finish them. One dude said keep the guitars at 50% in the intro and verse and then pan to 100% at the chorus?? Say what??
If you have a second, tell me what guitars are dark mean? EQ…tone…etc.
Thanks for you time and thoughts

Yeah dark like eq. Just add a little bit of high end with a shelf.

I think of panning like actors on a stage if that helps at all. Protools is different for sure but the concept itself is simple.

Dont boot anything though! The dual vocal vibe is super cool, like elliot smith or of bob dylan was iron and wine.

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Right sorry i saw that you were sending the tracks to Tesgin so i did not say more. If you are planning on mixing it than i would have more to say.

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I called you James. That comes with age bud. shaking my head. I muted the low track and it sounds more clear for sure. Going to work on a bridge for the track today. Two minutes is a little short. Nice to have a pic avatar. I used to have one also. Thanks

I have to get this song much mo betta before I send this out. Anything I can improve on now will make the whole process better down the line. Stay with the tidbits :slight_smile:

You know I never trusted ole Joe, he always had shifty eyes. I like this Paul, you still have energy and drive. I like the guitar a lot, great tone.

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Ok, so the song is too short at two minutes. My thoughts were that I had an early chorus, so maybe there can be there total? I put in a fast talking bridge and then the third chorus. Have to listen to that for awhile and see how it sits. Song making is good for the ole brain


You go guy. Sounds like a plan.

Thank you for the review! Now your song: hopefully the lyrics were not based on your real life. Instrumentally, everything sounds quite good. I’m a hard core shift it yourself person by the way: I like sporty cars. I like the vocals on the chorus a little better than the verse. My underwear is made out of asbestos, so they won’t burn (just kidding). Song sounds nice. I’m gonna send you a private message in a few minutes.

I like it Paul. So glad to hear that you got your gear issues remedied. Glen

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I found the mix engaging and I really liked the ending also. On my desk top system It sound full and clear.

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