Sex and candy, mix

Bit of a funky one today.


Hey, I would say that it also could be a bit of disco to me.
The balance is pretty nice and for a song with a ‘soul’ or ‘motown’ label I found it spot on but the disco part with the octave bass reminds me of some '70 disco songs which requires a louder bass guitar to me.

By the way, it’s a really great song!

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Hmmm. Organ comes through a little overpowering. Usually on this stuff I grit up the bass a little more and give it a lift in various places from 700-2000 to get it to cut though on smaller speaker systems, but in a frequency range that’s complimentary to the kick. I like Waves Maxx bass and parallel amp sims for this.

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@takka360 - Alan, are you planning on opening a studio as a part time side gig in the future?

Cool song, cool mix!

It sounds great overall, I can only comment based on my own taste, which would call for a slightly louder drum kit in the general balance and/or maybe a slightly softer lead vocal, but your choices sound just great too.

The very first vocal bit sounds weird like it’s from another take with a different mic placement or intention, or maybe a different processing.

The kick sound is inconsistent; at times its hi-mid range is piercing through clearly and sometimes it’s a bit muffled.

I can hear some loud plosive sounds on the vocals, maybe the band was recorded live with the singer using a dynamic mic without a wind screen? In that case there’s only so much you can do.

Great job, I enjoyed this!

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I have a friend that has a studio and he said i can have the keys and use it anytime i like but i dont need it as i can do my mixing at home and dont do any tracking at all.

Yes its all live

Just wondered :slight_smile: