Seventh Heaven Reverb - A Bricasti Emulator

Anyone tried this one?

I think we’re a step closer to the Bricasti with this one. Slate did a nice job on his Bricasti emulator, but I think these guys took it to a whole new level. Thoughts?

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I haven’t yet, but I’d sure love to!

LiquidSonic’s site has a download for their IR’s for Slate’s verbsuite. Have you compared that yet?

No, but I can tell by looking at this thing that there was more thought put into this and there’s more detail. The Slate Verbsuite sounds like a Bricasti, but its incredibly limited in its functionality. And the presets don’t match, as the settings from the M7 aren’t stored in the preset banks.

I love the way the bricasti sounds, but $12,000 is just too much for the hardware.

That and the ability to have multiple instances

It LOOKS mega cool… :slight_smile:

Holy mother of God does this thing sound amazing!! I don’t know if its just because my ears are finally getting used to my new room or what, but this thing just sounds soooooooo good.

I’ve been a/b-ing against some of my other reverbs. I’ve mainly been testing on a real smooth resonant airy female vocal. The Exponential Audio R2 has held its ground really well on the chamber/hall settings. But everything from Lexicon, Dverb, Tsar, Sonnox, Waves, and Redline didn’t fare so well.

Crazy enough, that little cheap as shit $50 Valhalla room verb is holding is ground amazingly well. Wow. Cool stuff.


Speaking of Bricasti, I discovered this recently. And I just started messing with it for the competition song. I think it’s good but I want to dig a bit more.

If you demo the LiquidSonics version of the M7, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I snagged the M7 pro bundle when it was on sale for $300. I’ve used it on almost every mix I’ve done ever since. It basically replaced Valhalla and the Waves EMT plates as my go-to reverb. Go to the ‘sunset chamber’ preset setting, and just leave it there.

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God damn it. I want it. Fuck. That thing looks so damn good, but I need to hear it first. The UI is space age.