Setting up a second studio in my winter

Setting up a second studio in my winter

I can only have two active studio one 2 applications. I have one on my Michigan set up and one on my laptop here in Texas. I am going to transfer one of the applications away from the laptop and use it on this new set up here in my winter home.
I want a desktop and a decent size monitor (24). I like my solid state laptop, but that isn’t necessary. I would be nice if it was a little quieter. My acer back home is not.
Ok, so I have always used dell. Only problem is I don’t know what is needed for my studio one? I would like to keep it under $1,000 if I could because I don’t know how many songs are left in me, but I have the itch again to start the process again. The set up is overwhelming. Making songs is not.

Hi Paul, every Dell computer I own makes some kind of noise and I have quite a few of those machines. I would not recommend a Dell if you are recording in the same area as the computer.

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yeah this is always the tricky question. I have spent well over $1000 and still I am not totally satisfied.


Hi James I put my acer in a nearby closet and still could hear it. ha ha It is sad I don’t know more about computers. Just never wanted to be bothered. Like to use them when the set up is done tho. thanks

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Eric Yup, I have a few bucks lying around, but it seems like I always forget and item or two that is important. Little things like a CD burner etc

I saw a thread on the Presonus forum at one point for a guy who builds DAW PCs to spec. They do make quiet fans, etc. I’ll see if I can dig up the thread…

The only time you’d REALLY need an absolutely quiet PC is when you’re recording with a mic. So perhaps, instead of a new laptop, you invest in some sort of vocal/mic booth setup? Just a thought. Mostly because I’ve just spent about the last 2 weeks setting up another computer for my DAW and it’s a royal PITA.

– OR – Studio One has a remote app for the iPad. If you’ve got one of those, maybe you could put the noisy laptop in another room and record that way… …or drag your mic cable into the bathroom and close the door and record with some of that “natural” shower reverb. :grin:

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Found it:

If nothing else, I’d bet he could give you some good advice. I’ve never used him, don’t know him, etc.

— more research —

Good deals at the Dell Outlet store:

This high-end PC site has some “quiet” workstations. Pricey, but may give you some ideas.

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I have a thread from a while back where I built a new studio PC. It’s so quiet you can barely tell it’s on even if you put your ear by the computer. I built it myself though… pre-built machines will always cost more. This came out to under $1000 almost 2 years ago.

The only thing I kinda wish I’d spent more on was a faster CPU, but that’s just for heavy FX processing and/or software synths. UVI Falcon is the only thing I’ve ever had issues with actually… so it could just be that software. But yeah I am extremely happy with this PC. Some of the parts are sure to be outdated by now, but if you’re interested in going this route I can help find newer ones.

For a quiet computer, the important things seem to be quiet fans, a good sound-insulated case, and SSDs over HDDs. I also didn’t get a video card because I didn’t need it, but if you need one that’s another thing that could make it noisier.

Oh, and this doesn’t include the monitor… and depending on how important noise and speed are, I’m sure you could get away with a lot less. But yeah just wanted to throw that out there as an option. You can get a really good studio machine for under $1000.

Wow, so many replies. See what happens when your wife hands you a sheet of honey do’s? Ha ha I will check all this out now. Anyone want to fly down here on me?

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Seems like an isolation box with an equipment fan could solve the noise problem, as long as you can extend your inputs and monitor cabling to get it away from your recording spot.
On a separate note refresh my memory, what part of MI are you from?

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Hi Bob I don’t have a clue what I am doing most times. I have found however some of the most knowledgeable folks here don’t actually make any original music. I would love to have just a piece of those smarts. Anyhow, I might just buy a monitor and use the studio one I have in my laptop. It has been months now since I have produced a song. One has doubts if there are any more in there. Off target I know.
I have spent all of my life in a very small town called Channing Michigan. My folks and their folks (steamin Sam) were all railroad people. My older brother as well. Got free rides everywhere. ha ha We live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It is not the lower part that is shaped like a mitten. It is mostly all woods. ha ha Take care bud

Although I live in Florida, I grew up in Michigan, and played all over the state after going to MSU. Played at Sault Ste. Marie, Iron Mountain, and all over the lower part of the state. Visited the UP a couple of summers ago, and I still think it’s a beautiful place, but after 38 years in Florida I couldn’t handle the winter up there. People up there are the salt of the earth.
Don’t worry too much about equipment; DAWs really don’t make much difference in terms of sound quality. Use what you’re used to. A decent interface and a Mic is really all a one man band needs. The hardest part is always finding the time and the inspiration.