Serenade III video

Hey guys, I finally put together a video just doing a quick walkthrough on how I have Serenade III setup with Leap Motion Controller. I thought the novelty would wear off pretty quickly on this, but I have to say that after a few weeks of messing with this thing, it just gets more fun to play.


Was it easy to set up to use with the cello software or did you have to map it all out and fiddle? (No pun intended)

Awesome by the way! And it makes it sound really authentic like the real instrument.

It definitely took some work to get it set up in a way that it felt natural to play, but once it’s set up, it’s easy to run.

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Very cool! :beerbang:

Obviously that leap motion controller could be used in other midi applications, controlling various parameters.

It would be cool to route this to an EQ plug settings and be able to mix with your hand movements.

Awesome vid!

That is so freakin cool Boz! Sounds really beautiful. Thanks for making that vid!

That is so insanely fun to watch!! I could see this being a super cool thing to use in a live setting. It adds a choreographic element to the performance.

Awesome video @bozmillar!!!

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O wow, that looks so super cool… thanks for that!!

“So you bow faaaaast, you bow slow.”

Love it LOL>