Sennheiser HD 6XX Headphones $220 at Massdrop!

Anyone looking for some high quality Open-Back headphones?

nice price. tempting…

I have the HD600 and I love them! That’s a great price.

Thanks for the heads up on these!!

I just ordered a pair, thanks for putting it out there. :metal: It says they are still making them, you have to pre-order.

How do these compare to the AKG 240 MKII and Beyer DT770 Pro? I have both of these, made in the country of manufacture (not of subsequent Chinese manufacture). It might be good to get a pair but just wondering if anyone has compared to the 2 I own?

I just saw these are up again. Not as good as last time around, but still pretty darn good! I wish I could afford it right now! (Title and first post has been updated.)

Hm,m. This is tempting. I was actually planning on getting a set of HD600’s, which is a slightly different version of the 650’s (earlier iteration).

So, from what I’ve read comparing the two, the 650’s have a little boost in the bass, and some slight embellishment in the high-mids if I remember correctly. The 650’s are touted to be excellent for audiophiles and a wonderful listening experience, but the 600’s are described as a slightly flatter response, less well-liked for casual listening but more suited to mixing because of the flatter profile.

“But” this is an excellent price. The 600’s are $299 on Amazon. Is it worth $80 more? Has anyone used the 650’s for mixing? Would love to hear your thoughts.

(Oh, btw, Massdrop says the HD6xx is the HD650)

Just read this review by Joe Gilder at Home Studio Corner. He gives the 650’s a thumbs up (but doesn’t compare them with the 600’s). Just FYI. Would still love to hear peoples’ thoughts!

I found the HD600s on sale for $180. Got them a few days ago. I went with the 600s cuz of the flatter frequency response, but they are quite similar.

These are awesome. I’m very happy! I’m already finding my mixes need less tweaking to sound better in the car or the boom box. Very cool.

I’m glad you like them! Was that price for new or used? Either way it’s a great price!

“Kinda” new. It was an open box, so probably a returned pair. Perfect condition. Original packaging.

Very clean, pure sound. Love em!


Sweet deal!