See The Love : Styles Bitchley and Feakers

Paul contacted me for help with ideas on a song, and had a pretty nice guitar riff. I did a quick demo for him and wrote a quick verse, and at that point I found out that See The Love was actually an idea for a different song altogether he was working on.
He liked the demo, so he told me to take over and finish the song, so these are the current results. I could certainly spiff up the drum track, and I haven’t done a ton in the mixing end of things yet, so I’m trying to figure out if it stands on its own or if it needs more detail.
Thanks for your help.


Awesome Bob and Paul - Really cool track! Listening on headphones, the only thing I noticed was a real persistent buzz in one of the lead guitars (at the beginning)… might be a single coil shielding thing?

Izotope could probably nix it, but maybe it might be just worth checking out the cause. Sometimes just changing your position relative to EMI sources in your room can cut that down while you’re playing.

I love this song, and I can actually “see the love”.
The vocals and the guilty riffs goes perfectly together.
This is a real gem, and a beauty.
Love this.
Congrats on this song.

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He liked the demo, so he told me to take over and finish the song, so these are the current results
I’m tryin to come with come up with an analogy. Ok, so your prized Camero hadn’t been started in some time. It ran good when you parked it but it has been years since you actually took it for a ride. You had to jump start it. Well I can be seen as the jumper cables. So glad you ran with this. I just kept singing see the love as I did the demo cuz it was working. That is the ONLY thing I contributed :slight_smile:

I see a bar and a lady sipping her drink. The juke box is playing random songs. See the love comes on. She stops sipping, slightly hesitates, then gets up and starts dancing.

I can’t hear a thing I would change Bob. Maybe, I think at 38 ish the vox gets slightly smothered (maybe the first part of the bridge) by the power chord there???
Congrats on gittin that camero goin…She sounds awesome.

All the guitar tracks were done on a Tele I built with Wilkinson pickups through S-Gear straight into the computer. I might go back and redo that particular track to get rid of the noise. I think when I rolled the volume back it got noisy, and I rendered the track before I realized how much noise was in it. Oh well, what’s more fun than guitar licks?


wow this is soo fun! nice work both of you.
How about a little “funk” lick in there from a production standpoint? since it is inadvertently giving “play that funky music” vibes.
Great fun song! Great demo.

Thanks Michelle. I did try a little funk in the bass line originally, but the drums are so straight it didn’t work. Might be able to mess with it now that it is laid out properly.

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Thanks, Feaks. I love bouncing ideas around to get the engine going
You have a writing style that is nice and straightforward, and you are prolific enough to throw good ideas out there, and sometimes quit on one to work on another. For my own stuff, I tend to agonize over it instead of just letting it happen.
On this one you gave me a kickstart and the pieces fit together more easily. Fun song to work on.
If it goes big, I’ll happily split my .00001 cent per play with you. Sell it to all the yoopers you can. I need to shore up my retirement investments after all the inflation.

Hey Bob. I think if ya are expecting to get rich or everyone is gonna like your songs/stuff, your creativity is going to end up in the shitter. Plus ya run around all uptight. let er rip and move one. Planning a new idea is good for the ole noggin.
The best thing that can happen IMHO is to throw something out there and kick it around a bit. Take advice…or consider it…or not.
So far in this forum I have ticked off many. I insulted Dave by telling him he should be writing songs “with all that talent he has” Wrong move.
I told Dear Emma her timing was off on a vocal. Cha ching botta bing again.
After working a bit with you I texted my good friend, the lead singer in our band, to come to my studio and start making songs together. He agreed and I am very excited. To prod never hurts.
It will be fun now for you to keep tweaking your song. Each time you listen, you will find something that needs to be cleaned up. haha this was a blast

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I agree. I always write with the idea that I’ll enjoy it, and if anyone wants to come along for the ride, great. Money or popularity stopped being a priority many years ago.
I think there’s a lot of validity in banging your stuff around with other talented people who can add to the excitement. Sometimes it doesn’t work, but when it does the sum becomes more than the parts.


that is a given in any online forum. I have had my fair share of that as well lol…but it matters more how to approach the situation after the fact. People have bad days but the situation doesnt have to stay bad forever.

I start getting suspicious when some people are always extra nice and never have bad days (myself included). You just dont know how they will react when they do have really bad days. Thats jus me…but this convo is definitely going wayyy off topic. So back to music!
I saw Dave made some videos but haven seen him here, so hopefully he will be back. I miss having my fellow nerd here…

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Yeah, I miss him here. He did a nylon string solo on a song I did called “hate born from ignorance” . That little break was a perfect time to reflect on the first batch of holocaust atrocities lyrics. It made the song. The dude can play.

yes for sure. Though he just may be super busy after his move to the DC? He is a real life rocket scientist after all :upside_down_face: @Chordwainer

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I’m really digging this one. Great work guys! Reminds me of Robert Palmer with a modern twist. Great leads too :beerbanger:


Thanks, it was a fun one. Still some tweaks to do, but it is close.

Hey folks, thanks for the tag to get my attention :slight_smile: Indeed, lots of changes when my former boss retired and our new Chief Scientist came on board in January, an entirely different emphasis from before and a lot more involvement in a wider range of stuff, resulting in a very different set of demands on my time. I’m not complaining one little bit, it’s extremely rewarding, and I know I’m having an influence at a pretty high level.

But first things first: Paul, you most certainly did not “insult” me by urging me to write my own stuff more. You might have phrased it a little more artfully maybe :wink: but that’s a fundamentally supportive and constructive thing to say. So please banish any thoughts of “insults”.

I’ll reiterate what I said earlier in the pandemic, that the external influences of so many harrowing world events have radically stunted my supply of creativity, and the world has gotten only more and more harrowing since then. I will spare y’all the details but I’ve been struggling for some time. I even volunteered to try to contribute a guitar part to another of Bob’s pieces but completely failed, and haven’t attempted anything original in a very long time now.

As Michelle mentioned, I have been doing a LOT of one-take videos of cover songs and started live streaming on Youtube for an hour every couple weeks after James McMurtry stopped his and went back to playing out. Been doing this for almost exactly one year now. Planning my sets and rehearsing has provided a focus that is really helpful, allowing me to put my stamp on the originals, and without question my playing and singing are far better now than they’ve ever been. And they’re way faster to produce than a studio recording. Finally, the group of folks my wife and I have gotten to know through the McMurtry streams have been coming to mine, lots of good comments about having an hour every couple weeks to forget the madness and hang out while I’m doing my sets. That is hugely rewarding, really keeps me going.

If you’re a glutton for punishment, you can check me out here:

Dave Draper - YouTube

Sorry for hijacking the thread! Hope everyone is well and safe.


Feel free to drop those videos in here any time Dave!! Good to see you!

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Hey, don’t be sorry, I hijacked the song. Good to hear from you, but you should at least do a two word bash.


Man, that’s good stuff! At the open it reminded me of the Pretenders’ sound circa 1990, then morphed into that Little Ole Band from Texas… great chops as always Bob.

And I have to include that I can squint and hear “Smell the glove, smell the glove…!” :wink: