Seat of Scoffers

Seat of Scoffers, Music and Lyrics Collab by Terry Tornblom and Rene Asologuitar

For peace in our troubled world!
Hope you enjoy, feedback is much appreciated.

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Very interesting lyrics in this one, I’m glad to see you doing more original songs (from what I’ve been able to tell). I like how you emphasized and articulated the lyrics, and the guitar root note drones and flourishes were quite enjoyable. Good job!

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Hi Stan,
Thanks for the excellent review.
The most important piece of this music is the lyrics, and I am glad that you noticed the emphasis.
Love your comments.

This tune is well written @ReneAsologuitar and your performance is quite good. Your sound seems balanced but I believe I’m hearing some distortion on your vocals. Do you hear that or is it just me? Quicktime supposedly has a sound meter that might show record level, can you see that on your monitor? My hearing is not the best so take this comment with a grain of salt!

I suppose some may not be comfortable with religious songs so I hope you will be patient with us on that.

I read your comments of the classical forum and I share your frustration with that group. There are a lot of them, the quality level of their music is high and many of them are knowledgeable musicians but they only post their own pieces for some reason. I have commented on many of their works but my last piece only got one commenter. I have gotten more comments in the past but the current group seems somewhat selfish. The site is well moderated but I wish the owner would require posters to comment also. We’ll see I guess.

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Hi ingolee,
Great to hear from you, and thanks for the super nice comments.
I will have to check the distortion on the vocals, and I will have to lower the input from my mixer, it may still be a bit hot.

You are correct, a ,lot of folks are not comfortable with religious content, and some folks are now asking me to sing their religious compositions for them, and I am ok with that.

I only post my original compositions in that forum, and I do look and listen to members’ songs and projects, and you are right, very high level of musical works and aire. And rightly so, they can be “high-nosed”. It is what it is, and the forum creators need to set the culture.

You are so much appreciated!!!