Seat back, mix

A soft rock mix for today

Wow, Alan. Cool song and nice mix.

Love the bass and drums. I really like the eq on the kick. Great blend.

I love the vocalist’s voice, but a couple of issues with the vox. The biggest is something you probably can’t do much about: really apparent in the beginning is that he’s getting a lot of breath noise and some fricative and plosive stuff going on. It’s not really so noticeable when the full band comes in, but it’s still there (1:24, 1:38, etc.). It’s pretty noticeable.

Really more of a recording and maybe editing issue than a mixing issue. The mix is awesome.

Not sure how much you can do about that. Some of it you might be able to fix with a HPF. I’ll betcha bringing it up to 100 Hz or more might help? Maybe some spectral editing? It’d take a bit of work, but worth a try.

Oh, and also at 1:27+ the vox could be louder. Getting lost in the mix. Personal preference.

Other than that, yeah, really, really nice mix. Very strong. Nicely done, man!

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Cheers very much and glad you like it.I re visited the mix .

Hey, listening to the second mix only.

From what I hear and regarding the previous comment I found the mix nicely balanced where everything is on the right spot, nothing really hides something else and I didn’t find gap in the frequency spectrum.

The low end balance is quite different to me, the bass guitar sound too loud and too muddy to my taste, some low end from toms are pretty strong and I found the lead vocal lacking of low end or meat (or something else in that area) which leads to make it weak regarding how strong is the bass…
I don’t know how you manage the low end territory but I found that mix a bit off to me.

Anyway, I hope it translates well fo you.
Nice job!

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I’m not digging all the room ambience and reflections on the drums in the second mix.

The vocals seem a little aggressive at 5k… but that’s partly a stylistic thing. Nice job overall!

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