Seat back, mix

Seat back, mix

A soft rock mix for today

Wow, Alan. Cool song and nice mix.

Love the bass and drums. I really like the eq on the kick. Great blend.

I love the vocalist’s voice, but a couple of issues with the vox. The biggest is something you probably can’t do much about: really apparent in the beginning is that he’s getting a lot of breath noise and some fricative and plosive stuff going on. It’s not really so noticeable when the full band comes in, but it’s still there (1:24, 1:38, etc.). It’s pretty noticeable.

Really more of a recording and maybe editing issue than a mixing issue. The mix is awesome.

Not sure how much you can do about that. Some of it you might be able to fix with a HPF. I’ll betcha bringing it up to 100 Hz or more might help? Maybe some spectral editing? It’d take a bit of work, but worth a try.

Oh, and also at 1:27+ the vox could be louder. Getting lost in the mix. Personal preference.

Other than that, yeah, really, really nice mix. Very strong. Nicely done, man!

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Cheers very much and glad you like it.I re visited the mix .