Scuffham amp releases S-Gear update

Scuffham FINALLY released an S-Gear update. Should be sweet. My understanding, from email communication with Mike last year, is that one of the major changes is going to be an upgraded library setup, with better organization for storage of user presets. Knock on wood, I hope that’s part of the upgrade cuz much as I love S-Gear, I can’t stand the 200 preset limit to the user preset library, and it’s overall organization. Updates from prior versions is $29. I am very happy about this! :grin:

Upgrade FAQ

Upgrade Quick Start Guide


Thanks Tesgin - great to know! :+1:

I’ve read about the upgrade, but the information is a little sparse. It says it is 64 bit now only, and handles more presets. Does it add any new amps? I spend so much time messing with what is already there that I never get anything done.

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As far as I can tell the only significant change is only the expanded preset system. Now you can have unlimited user banks. That seems to be about it.

Mixed feelings on my part…

On the one hand, I’m thrilled about the unlimited banks thing. I absolutely love S-Gear for its authentic amp sounds, as well as its responsiveness – it “feels” like I’m playing a real amp! But I’ve always hated the limited user banks.

So it’s great that that is fixed now, but $29 is a bit salty for that change alone. Seems like it should be free given that there are no upgrades to the amps or effects. Also, given that its still in v2 run, typically other companies do not charge for updates. I can see charging for “upgrades” but for going only from 2.7 to 2.9? Hm,m.

Also if you use iLok, FYI it is no longer supported.

There’s also something on the forums about impulses now being able to be organized in sub-folders.

A couple of years ago I was interacting with Mike by email and he told me there was an update coming out (v 2.9), but also an upgrade (v 3.0). V 3.0 was going to be a significant upgrade. I can’t recall what the changes were going to be in 3. I’ll see if I still have those emails. If I can find 'em I’ll post.

Apparently if you bought S-Gear after 2018 the update is free.

I bought S-Gear when it was version 1. The version 2 update and all the incremental updates since (up until now) has been free.

It would be nice if there was an incentive for paying for the 2.9 update… like a substantial discount off (or even a free) version 3 when it arrives. To me, that would make sense.

Yeah, I agree. I’m probably gonna hold off until v 3. :pensive:

This right here! I am also a sufferer of Option Paralysis…

I got the notification about the new version too, really appreciate the details here. I’ll also probably hold off, those two new features do me no good since I haven’t come close to saving 200 presets, and have never messed around with cab impulses at all.

Thanks bud. Always lookin for a better sound than this Boss ME70 I use

Oh yeah. If you don’t have S-Gear and want a decent-sounding amp sim, this thing is killer. Just to clarify, I still love S-Gear and highly recommend it. I only meant to say that the upgrade from 2.7 to 2.9 wasn’t worth $29 IMHO. That being cuz all the sounds available in 2.9 are also available in 2.7.

I have Guitar Rig and also Amplitube. Both pale in comparison, mainly in terms of how responsive they are.

Also, S-Gear has a free demo. 14 days I think.

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