Screaming for Attention

This is my first time posting so I am not sure if the link is in the right place for soundcloud. I am a new guy here and I have been recording for about 15 years now. I started a new song yesterday and I just have a verse and a chorus so far. Before I got too far into the song, I thought I would post it on here for feedback for whatever you think about it. I just “glued” the two parts together (verse then chorus) so it would not have an obvious weird spot between them. I am looking for feedback on the vocals and if there is too much noise going on in the chorus, such as the guitar. Thanks in advance for any help.


The link work perfectly! For some reason though, there was a ton of distortion on your song. Is something overdriven on the mix, or was that intentional?

Do you mean distortion with the whole song or just with the bass line?

Oh! It’s the distortion/fuzz on the bass. Now that you say that, I can tell. And then it clears up. I hadn’t listened long enough.
Yeah, I’d bring that down. Sounds like the entire mix is clipping otherwise. I get what you were trying to accomplish though. The way it is currently though, it’s overpowering everything else in the mix.
My 2 cents :wink:

I got you. Yes, the bass is played through my LA-610 and I put the gain up and the level down so the bass has a distortion sound. So you are saying it is too much. The bass dose not play into the chorus but it must still have a higher level on the non-distorted base. Thanks for the feedback, I will lower it and see what I can do for the over all peaking.

at 1minute its a short tune, not that Elvis’s Hound Dog was a long tune.
distortion seems to be in when at the skateboard shops and this song would fit well there, or at the Vans for the mix…the snare could fill the gap if louder, it would be interesting to hear a version with that to decide.

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Hey bro, thanks for feeding back. Yeah, as I mentioned in the post, it is just a demo verse and chorus stuck together to get feedback as I just did this on Sunday. So that is why it is short. Also, as Holster mentioned, the overall output was way too high so the whole song is distorted when it shouldn’t be like that. I loved my vans in the 80s. Brings back memories of BMX bikes and scraped knees. :metal:

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Yeah, I think if you bring the bass down a few db, you’ll find that everything else cuts through the mix a bit better. :slight_smile:

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This is really cool! I do wish there was more than a minute because I was really digging the vibe. I really like the distorted bass (because I love distorted bass!) and that it’s being used as more of a melodic instrument then a foundational one. However… once you get to the “chorus” and the distortion is gone, the bass takes over everything, as mentioned above! Only other thing I can think of, is the drums feel a bit distant… which may be the intention, so take that with a grain o’ salt!
Thanks for sharing!

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It is just a sample of the verse and chorus to keep it short and simple. Yes, the bass is distorted as to be the "guitar’. There is an undistorted bass as well on the verse playing the lower notes. I will redo the levels and clean it up and repost it maybe so everyone can at least hear what is going on.

overly distorted to my ear. no need asking whether its the bass or this and that lol…pretty much just the whole effect of the song is super distorted

what are some reference tracks or bands that sound like this?

My thing is not to copy anyone else’s style in particular but if I had to pick a song that is similar I would say Switchfoot -The Sound

seems there is a lot of “mud” in general. in other words too much competition going on in the lower frequencies. So its really hard to pick out the bass and/or the kick and/or the low end of the guitar…it all kind of mushes together and is very indistinct.

compare it to the switchfoot and see how much more distinct the sw song is

do you have ‘SPAN’ or some other frequency analyzer? it would be interesting to see a freq curve of the song and see if it shows it to be rather bottom heavy

haha, 2 late i saw it. more like welfare booty

Are you saying my song has a ghetto butt? :grinning: I punched out the song with the level too high. I didn’t realize it until others gave feedback. I actually deleted the song from soundcloud but it still shows up on here for some reason. I plan on redoing the song and then maybe reposting it.

I deleted the post because i realized i didnt answer your question. I have to look into the span thingy.

its free and pretty handy