Schoolboy Fascination [extract]

Schoolboy Fascination [extract]

Still learning and trying things, here is another one.
For this one, I found that every track leads to something bright and I tried to tame that, avoid harshness but keep something balance.
Did I mix it right, I hope so, please tell me if I missed (lot of) things here.

As usual, thank you for stopping by!

Thank you for your reviews! Now your recording: everything sounds great to me! That includes the mix itself, the vocals, instrumentally, melodies…everything. I hope this song will be a little longer though. :wink:

I think you have done it. I feel like it is a bit bright but I am always too dark so…

Hi! This extract is really short.

I think everything sounds really balanced, it is a good mix. My only comment would be that in attempting to tame the harshness in the highs you might have rolled off a bit too much of the high frequencies while leaving a fair amount of high-mids, so there might be a slightly better balance to find here. This is pop music, so it should be bright. :wink:

I mixed this song last year. I remember that I was impressed at how good the artist managed to make it sound considering that most of the sounds were sounding pretty “cheap” individually.

Thanks for your comment.
The recording and mostly everything else come from ‘The Mixing Secrets Free Multitrack Download Library’ where you can find the full song and a better mix… :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for taking the time listening and commenting!

Thank you for your review. As you noticed the bright thing, it means I didn’t catch it correctly… So there is still work to do :+1:

Thank you for your comment.
The extract is the exact extract from the Mike Senior’s library, so I just downloaded it, set the loop mode on, and try to get something pretty.

I’m sorry I didn’t get the “pop music should be bright” :confused:
But it seems I didn’t manage the high end stuff right for that extract: I tried high shelving cuts on some tracks, some peak EQ cuts somewhere else or some low pass filter where I found high end stuff too prominent.
Obviously my strategy isn’t working nicely. Any tips from your experience?
Again, thanks for your precious time!

What I meant is that the pop music genre is supposed to sound slightly brighter than other genres. For instance in rock music where most of the highs come from the drums and the vocals, you will probably have less highs than in pop music where you often have lots of synths, in addition to the vocals and drums. So when the arrangement has a lot of synths, brass or other high frequency instruments like a piano for instance, you can get away with more highs than in a rock song which only has guitars and no synths.

Your mix sounds good, I would just roll off the high mids slightly and raise the highs a bit. This could be taken care at the mastering stage actually.

Thanks for bringing this thing up: I didn’t think about the guitars vs synths way of sounding, or filling high end…
I did some (re)mixing but I still found something agressive on that side, so I should do it again…

Thanks for your precious time!

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So, way later, here is a revised mix where I tried to handle high/top-end better while avoiding harshness…
I tried things another way but I’m not that confident it works better.