Scheps Omni Channel Mix - Falling Apart

Scheps Omni Channel Mix - Falling Apart


Sounds pretty well balanced eq and compression wise. A couple of things that kinda sound a little strange to me:

  • the mix stays “left channel heavy” for a long time before we hear some action over to the right. Perhaps some ambience or even delays over there sent from the left guitar might balance things out a bit.

  • the harmony vocal is really loud and kind of takes over from the lead vocal.

  • the lead vocal really needs some tuning for it to sit in the mix better


Yes I noticed that more after I listened on phones .


Wow, what a great vibe. Love this. late to the party, been very busy. Melody line is like na na na in a sassy way. ha ha If it makes you feel better. Just try to sit still listening to this. Wanted to crank this up but I have a three week ear ringing thangy. good stuff buddy…it is glued together nicely



Thanks Paul - I’m actually really happy with how this mix came together - particularly the HUGE low end it has - I was going for an indie rock/dance crossover thing, which I’d never really tried before, and it actually sort of worked!.. I wasn’t intending to finish it properly, but at @Chordwainer Dave’s prompting, and after listening to it on a few different systems, I may just do that!

…just goes to show, it’s always good to change things up and try something different every now & then!


Yes; I admire your versatility. A bit of Franz Ferdinand vibe and a touch of INXS in there. I like it.


Thanks! Good call - I love the INXS’s “The Swing” (a Nick Launay Production) & "Listen Like Thieves. Great sounding albums.


For those interested - here is “the last 5%” of this mix completed:


Thanks for having me here.