Scheps Omni Channel, $29.99

This is the best price you’ll get on the Omni.

I bought it for this price about two years ago. Have not seen it come down to this price since. This is a steal.


One of my favorite plugins. Super versatile, a time-saver, definitely a must have at this price.


Absolutely! That is a deal worth grabbing.

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I can’t think of anyone on this forum that isn’t using that thing (which is a good thing) imo. It’s probably one of my top 10 favs in the whole waves library.

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I’m not using it, but I’m tempted to buy it. I tend to be very frugal and don’t like getting trapped in the pursuit of the magic plugin. Even when I see a plug-in that looks good and is on sale, I usually contemplate the pros and cons of purchasing it for such a long time that I miss out on the sale. :smile: This is a good way to save money but it’s also a good way to miss out on some cool plugins or other music gear.

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I do that too. I have the SOC though, and do use it. If you watch the videos on that link in the OP, I guess ask yourself if you would need/use a channel strip, and does the layout and workflow appeal to you. You can also download the User Manual .pdf right there if that’s something that helps you with decisions. It’s true that a plugin is like a relationship; once you make the commitment you have to put in the work. :wink:


The only reason I’ve not tried the Omni Channel is that I’d have to pay to update my existing waves collection or run 2x waves license managers at the same time, and I’m almost certain it’s going to be the biggest headache known to human kind.

The demos all seem great though!

@Cirrus, FWIW, I have some Waves plugins that are v11, co-existing peaceably with my newer V12 plugins. They all show up in Waves Central. I don’t have any v10 anymore, but that’s cuz I did the free upgrade to v11 before the window closed.

So my Omni Channel is v11, but I have numerous v12 products as well.

FWIW, I’ve never done the Waves Update Plan (WUP) thing. I’ve got various Waves v9-v12 plugins now. And yes, the v9-v11 update was a total PITA, but the newer installation manager seems to work pretty well and I haven’t had problems with it. I forget the details, but if I recall, you may need to do a “legacy” install. The instructions are fairly easy to follow.