Say the same ,2nd mix

I mixed this a while ago but give it another shot

Hey again, I remembered I met this song weeks ago.
I do find this mix very spot on regarding what material you had, the vocal gets its room, drums sound powerful, with this nice reverb on that snare!
It still has this kinda Imagine Dragon’ song and your mix works well on that purpose.

I only found the hihat way too loud and upfront for that mix.
Good work and nice mix, hats off!

Nice one that what i like to hear .Thanks for putting yourself out for all the feedback you give

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Wow, love that start. That snare!!!
Agreeing with everything ncls says. Bring that hi-hat down and you have a cracker of mix (you already have it, but it will be even better then!).
Love that little panned delay you did on the guitar. The whole lot sounds stellar! Well done.

I will look at this mix again because if i remember right that high hat was in with something else and when it was turned down the other part went with it ,something on them lines .
Cheers for all the feedback its very helpful from everyone on here