Sans Forgetica, the video!

I now am wondering if you bash videos in BTR…

Well, here it is! I had this general concept in my mind, wanting to type the words on the screen in the font with a backdrop of the lyrics in a lot of fonts and me singing in my new Hawaiian Christmas shirt, which doesn’t sound that exciting. But after I got carried away with the effects, it almost seemed to make sense, at least to me. What do you think?

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The unusual effects make the video quite interesting. It seems to go well with the unusual timing of the music. Gives it more eclectic context. And helps to tell the story in terms of the “font” as well.

To me its very “psychidelic”. I love that era in music where they used these effects like in the late 60’s and in the 70’s. I can describe it as nostalgic.

Thanks for watching it, my friend. My laptop is struggling with video viewing or producing, and I seem to be fine with this one 720p 24 frame resolution, which is weird. Good news is it is only taking 15 minutes to produce the rendering, which is amazing.

And my wife actually liked it for similar reasons, plus that I did not include any shots of her in it!

I’m not a great videographer, @brianinogang, but in a way I’m using low-tech methods to achieve many effects like filming the computer screen, and I think it contributes to that nostalgic psychedelic impression. Of course I somewhat yearn for those days of old, so I do tend to get carried away.

To me, videos, like songs themselves, each must be as different as we can muster with the tools and skills we master. I wish I could come up with video for the Interstellar Fur Traders Planet of Beautiful People that I would be capable of producing, and maybe I will. I feel closer to it now more than ever.