Same Song, Tweaked Arrangement, IRD Alumni Vocal Contribution!

This is my latest version of “Anything Less” featuring a pretty massive vocal contribution from a very talented IRD Vocalist/Guitarist. Can you guess who? I’m sure you can!

Edit #2 - A few more little tweaks - Think I’m done now:

Edit. I just made a couple more changes to the mix:


Bob? My ears are shot but that is my guess?

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Maybe your ears aren’t as bad as you think, then! :wink:

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I don’t know if you followed some of the collab conversation. Bob And Stan sent some help along. I tried and failed miserably to insert his voice and accompaniment. His voice was so powerful and the background guitars so awesome that it made it impossible to go back to another boring verse after he was done.
On guessing, he was the only logical answer. Your voices really integrated well. Bob is the real deal. Thanks and good luck. The song is awesome

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Sounds like there was real potential for contrast, which could be a positive in song arrangement - loud/soft, tension/release, slow/fast - those are the building blocks of song construction.

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Yeah, I hear ha. He backed that great vocal with Hendrics chords. Tough to play for me. I changed them to B7 A and sang it half decent without that wonderful vibrato. ha ha

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Beautiful job of fitting things in there!

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Thanks Bob - Your vocals are awesome! Thanks so much for helping out!

PS: I’ve made a few more changes to the arrangement / mix and posted the latest version in the OP

This is an awesome mix, and the recording is superb,
I would not have guessed it, thanks to “feaker”.
Lovely voice and superb rock vocals!!!
The music production is excellent, the melody and instrumentation is great, and I really dig the guitar track and solo.
Very nice!

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This latest mix is great.
My writing and production skills are okay, like using a roller to paint a bedroom wall.
You hear everything, and you are more like the guy who can duplicate the Mona Lisa on a grain of rice.
Every detail on this tune is articulated. The string intro is in the perfect room, like a recital for the Pope. Then the snarling guitars come in with the perfect breakup, and the intricate interplay separates the parts succinctly, where I would be droning like a pissed off beehive.
You really deserve to be listened to. This is high level stuff. Alan Parsons with grit. I am truly honored to be a small part of it and congratulate you for your expertise.


Well, thanks Bob - I’m blushing! In truth, I think the only real talent I have is not giving up on stuff.

What I really loved about what you added was that your input made me think differently to what I would have if I had just carried on without your input - even changes and decisions I made that were not directly related to your contributions. It gave my interest in the song a new lease of life… So thank YOU!

Thanks Rene - I appreciate you giving it a listen and commenting!

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I made a few more little tweaks - Think I’m done now:

This is a truly impressive collab, Andrew and Bob! Such virtuoso performances arranged and captured exquisitely. This is exactly what the creme de la creme of IRD experts might be expected to produce, probably well beyond said expectations. I say that because it is top shelf production, but musically it is very strong as well. The strings are powerful and tasteful, and then the rock takes over. Bob, you have a voice well suited for big rock, and Andrew, you’re no slouch in any department.

All the remaining rockers in the world should appreciate such a brand new classic anthem, although it does lean toward a Van Halen meets ELO type of metal supergroup vibe to me. It is so squeaky clean Bob’s borderline raspy voice might not be rough enough for some hardcore, and Andrew’s phenomenal guitar and drums and bass might not be as down and dirty as some might usually prefer, but you are establishing your own niche amongst real bands, and I think that counts for a lot.


Thanks for the kind words, Steve - Bob is certainly worthy of the kudos…

As I’ve said before, for my part, results only really come to me from hard work.

Thanks for listening - much appreciated!