Sam K Shaw "Personality" Mix

Cool track, and really well-recorded! I tried to capture some of the guitar edits as they were done in the reference mix, as I thought they really added a lot. Looking forward to feedback!

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really great mix Sam I like all the points of interests you added really made the song flow I really got my work cut out for me to get my mix up to your guys level but I am determined. Good luck on the contest!!

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Good levels and you have got the final mix nice and loud. Good balance of frequencies and the mix is breathing well. The intensity builds well into the last chorus and outro. Overall well done.

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Nice!! Love the snare sound!! My only suggestion would be bring the rhythm guitars down a bit. Great job! Good luck!

Hey Sam, this sounds great - lovely space, separation and depth - great drum, guitar, bass and vocal tones.

My only criticisms would be very minor, picky things. For some reason, in the first chorus, the vocal seems a little low in places - eg. the word “person” @ 1:08 drops noticeably in volume - just a quick “whisper” test and some very minor automation tweaks would sort that out.

Overall though, it sounds really sweet! Top stuff!

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Kick is buried. Be sure to check for translation too.

Good mix, have a listen at those toms at 2:39 when he plays both at the same time, there seems to be a lot of not so pretty resonance. And maybe chesk the acoustic guitar as well, when it plays with distorted guitars it gets buried.

Top mix!
Nice energy and power!
I really like the snare.
Small things I would look at:
Something happens to the crashes. They fade off very quickly…? Sounds to me a little bit unatural.
Guitars at 1st verse and the choruses are a bit too loud.
Finally the lead gtr is a bit buried.

Good luck!

Bashing as I listen:
Ooh! I like the smoothness of this one, no harshness overall, which is kind of a feat since the mix is rather bright. Good ambiance and great clarity.
I’m a little unconvinced by the sound of the snare, which I find a bit bulky. Sounds like a little bit too much plate reverb or something?
Not much to bash though, great job overall! :smiley:

great mix ! really diggin it…
great balance… really nice job on the snare drums…
I would look at the kick drums, a bit buried. and pull the fader down just a little bit on guitar.
thumbs up ! good job man

Solid clean mix the bass is stellar

Bass sounds nice and clear without being super crunchy!

Great sounding mix, the only criticism I have and it kind of applies to most of the mixes that I have heard is that the vocals are kind of buried in places and just about everybody could benefit from pushing the vocal a little more.

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Good mix ovrrall the kick sounds good but rest of the kit apears to be back in the mix a bit far in my mind. Otherwise great job.

Cool mix! It’s lively and keeps your interest throughout the song, nice variation.
I think the vocals and guitars are fighting for attention, you should dial back the guitars a few db and bring up the vocals and lead a bit more.
I like the snare sound a lot though I’m not sure it fits as well as it should in the mix, a little less body might get it to mesh a little better with the song.
Overall a stellar effort, I’ll have a tough time beating this mix myself! :slight_smile:

Great mix, good balances. My only concern is the snare sound, it feels little boxy to me. But I’m sure that many people like the snare the way it is.

your guitar is really wide, wonder if you have used pitch shift?

Hey, cool mix, punchy, balanced and rocky. So I think it fits the song well to my tastes.
Mixing-wise I’m not very keen of the bass sound choice, a bit too present and sometimes I find the stereo field a bit unbalanced (too much on one side).

By the way, very nice job. And as far as I could remember, you did some pretty good too on RR, back in time :smile:

Sound just great!!
Really like rocky bass!

So friggin’ close to perfect, but… the art of mix automation seems to be lacking in this track. There is a #1 rule, and that is to have the lead vocal as the main focus AT ALL TIMES. There are spots when the vocal sounds secondary to the guitars. There are many ways to manage this, and I don’t wish to give my most advanced secrets away. I’m sure if you came back to this mix in a few days, you would have figured out the weak places, and wouldn’t need my help. Once we get to a certain level only perfection will do.